My poem ” Marshmallow Blue” kindly featured in Visual Verse, An Anthology of Art and Words

My poem ” Marshmallow Blue” kindly featured in Visual Verse, An Anthology of Art and Words


Written by Sofia Kioroglou
Smoke and mirrors
A snow job on my face
Fake news and frilly tidbits
I lap it up like Blue Moon
Smurf-like marshmallow blue
Front loops the same fruit-blend flavor
If wishes were horses, life would be a much better place
If frogs had wheels, they wouldn’t bump their butts


I am overjoyed to learn that my poem ” AT IDOMENI TO THE VILLAGE OF CHAMILO” is included in the new book published by my editor and friend Fabrizio Frosini. Fabrizio was the very first person to believe in my craft four years ago. He was the one who gave me the opportunity to get published internationally. #Amazon

To ” Cubicle coma” από τις εκδόσεις Σιδέρη

83 Ιστορίες Μπονζάι και το δικό μου “ Cubicle Coma” στην πρώτη ανθολογία διηγημάτων για το σημείο μηδέν. Ευχαριστώ πολύ την Ηρώ Νικολοπούλου και όλη την ομάδα για την επιλογή της δουλειάς μου και τις εκδόσεις Σιδέρη για την όμορφη έκδοση.


Οι 83 Ιστορίες Μπονζάι για το Σημείο Μηδέν είναι η πρώτη ανθολογία διηγημάτων στα ελληνικά που συγκροτείται και εκδίδεται με αφορμή τη μαύρη επέτειο των δεκαπέντε χρόνων από τη μοιραία 11/09/2001 και την πτώση των Δίδυμων Πύργων της Νέας Υόρκης. Οι επιπτώσεις εκείνης της επίθεσης μεταλλασσόμενες επιβιώνουν ακόμα αλλάζοντας τον τρόπο με τον οποίο βλέπουμε, αντιλαμβανόμαστε και βιώνουμε την καθημερινότητα και τον κόσμο. Η εικόνα του ασφαλούς και άτρωτου δυτικού πολιτισμού έχει πλέον καταρρεύσει μαζί με τους Πύργους.
Με το βιβλίο αυτό προτείνεται ένα αντιπροσωπευτικό δείγμα από τη διεθνή μυθοπλαστική παραγωγή με θέμα ή αφορμή το καθοριστικό εκείνο γεγονός και τον αντίκτυπό του. Γι’ αυτό επιλέξαμε και συμπεριλάβαμε πέραν των γνωστών Ελλήνων συγγραφέων και διηγήματα αναγνωρισμένων συγγραφέων από τα αγγλικά, ισπανικά, ρωσικά και βουλγαρικά, που μετέφρασαν ειδικά για τον αφιερωματικό αυτόν τόμο συνεργάτες μας μεταφραστές, και τα οποία δημοσιεύονται για πρώτη φορά στην Ελλάδα.
Εκδίδουμε αυτή την ανθολογία πιστεύοντας στη δύναμη της λογοτεχνίας και ελπίζοντας στη μεταμορφωτική δράση των κειμένων πάνω στην καθημερινή μας σκέψη και πράξη. (Από την παρουσίαση στο οπισθόφυλλο του βιβλίου)
– Ανθολογούνται οι: Αγαθοκλής Δημήτρης, Ακριβός Κώστας, Αμπατζή Ιωάννα, Αρονόφσκι Ντάρεν, Λύδια Ασεβέδο Ζαπάτα, Βαναργιώτης Αλέξανδρος, Βενιέρης Μανόλης, Βερροιοπούλου Άννα, Βλαντμέλι Βλαντιμίρ, Βρεττός Σπύρος, Γκόρνικ Βίβιαν, Γκοσποντίνοφ Γκεόργκι, Γκουρογιάννης Βασίλης, Γορανίτης Θανάσης, Γουδέλης Τάσος, Γρίβα Άρτεμις, Δεληγιώργη Αλεξάνδρα, Δουατζής Γιώργος, Δρακονταειδής Δ. Φίλιππος, Ετσάουι Μπουσραήλ, Ευσταθιάδης Γιάννης, Καλοκύρης Δημήτρης, Καλούτσας Τάσος, Καμπαγιέρο Μασκάμπ Ασουνθιόν, Καραγιάννης Βασίλης, Κάρεϊ Πίτερ, Κατσαλίδας Νίκος, Κεσμέτη Νατάσσα, Κεφάλας Ηλίας, Κινιόνες Σενάτι Σούλμα, Κιόρογλου Σοφία, Κοκκινάκη Νένα, Κουγιουμτζή Μαρία, Κουντούρη Ζέτα, Κροκίδου Παρασκευή-Μαρία, Λιόντ Μέρη, Λόπες Γκαντάρα Ανχέλικα, Λυκοτραφίτης Γιώργος, Μαθιουδάκη Εύα, Μερίνο Γκαρθία Λεονόρ, Μηκερόζης Κ. Φώτης, Μιχαηλίδης Μάρκος, Μιχαλοπούλου Αμάντα, Μοδινός Μιχάλης, Μοσκοβάκις Άννα, Μπαρμπαρέσσου Ζέτα, Μπελλ Τζένιφερ, Μπέρμαν Τζένιφερ, Μπρίκος Σπύρος, Νανοπούλου Ελένη, Νας Ρίτσαρντ Όουεν, Νικολάου-Χατζημιχαήλ Νίκος, Ντάιερ Τζοφ, Νταναλάκη Μαρία, Όουτς Τζόυς Κάρολ, Όστερ Πωλ, Παγώνης Γιάννης, Πανώριος Μάκης, Παπαγιάννης Γιάννης, Πολίτης Τάκης, Πολίτο Ρόμπερτ, Προκοπάκη Χ., Ρονέλ Άβιταλ, Ρόουζ Ντανιέλ Άσα, Ρωμανός Γιώργος, Σάμζι Καμίλα, Σεβαστάκης Νικόλας, Σιδηρά Αγγελική, Στεφάνου Νατάσα, Στρατηγοπούλου Αγγελική, Σωτηριάδου Κλαίτη, Τούλιος Δημήτρης, Τρουλλινού Νίκη, Τσουά Λόρενς, Φέρελ Καρολύν, Φύσσας Δημήτρης, Χαμπίλα Χέλον, Χάστβεντ Σίρι, Χατζοπούλου-Καραβία Λεία, Χέτζντορν Τζέσικα, Χουλιάρας Γιώργος, Χριστοδούλου Α., Ψαρράς Χάρης

Sofia’s poem “Bethlehem” in the new anthology of Poets Unite Worldwide on Amazon


The contributions come from thirty-one countries and the range of ideas and images sparkles like a box of brightly coloured jewels. I think each contributor has important things to say about Christmas and there is much to admire in the contrasts of styles and the personal views of the season. “Bethlehem” ,originally published in Verse-Virtual,is a poem that holds a special place in my heart so when I learned about this new submission call from Poets Unite Worldwide, I thought “Bethlehem” would be the poem to go into this anthology. Since I am going to Bethlehem this Christmas with the old calendar of Orthodox Christianity , I am wishing you all a Merry Christmas full of love, compassion, peace and humility. May the coldness in people’ s hearts thaw and  terrorism stop. Guns and bullets may kill human bodies but they cannot kill the spirit. Blessings to all of you from Greece!

I love the magazine ‘I am not a silent Poet’ and I feel honored to see my poem published in it!

State Secularism a notion of Yore in I am not a silent Poet
With my husband engaged in fighting,
I must perforce cover my face
a sort of repression seeping into my life
contaminating my existence, a vicious putrefaction

State secularism a notion of yore
our Syria under the rule of extremists
without a male relative I must endure
a future so bleak under house arrest ad infinitum

In today’s world of putative justice,
females always remain shortchanged
where rape and sexual abuse will always thrive
the crowning with thorns I strongly endure and suffer

* The poem is soon going to be published in the new anthology against Gender Discrimination on Amazon by Fabrizio Frosini and Poets Unite Worldwide

I am not a silent poet welcomes quality poems of protest. We have been seeing such increasing evidence of abuse recently that we felt it was time to do something. I am not a silent poet looks for poems about abuse in any of its forms: colour, gender, disability, the dismantlement of the care services, the privatisation of health services, the rape culture, FGM, our girls in Nigeria are just some of the examples that come to mind at the moment.
It is not a site for rants.

Please send all contributions for consideration to: I would prefer attachments (especially for poems with unusual formatting and graphic material. You can add a brief biographical note and/or link to your website or blog.

There is also a group page on Facebook where I share the links and where we can talk about what we are doing. You are welcome to join:

Editors: Natalia Spencer and Reuben Woolley

Sofia’s “Willful Blindness” in the new Anthology ” Voices without veils” by Fabrizio Frosini and Poets Unite Worldwide

Authoring paths

On Oct. 26, a 5-day-free-download will start.

“Voices without veils” free download

Poems by

Sofia Kioroglou, Greece
Sayeed Abubakar, Bangladesh
Alexandro Acevedo Johns, Chile
Ellias Aghili, Iran
Kareem Afinbiowo Akadri, Nigeria
Kim Aouad, Lebanon
Tia Attwood, Australia
Kasiviswanathan K. Balakrishnan, India
Anna Banasiak, Poland
Lawrence Beck, USA
Abhilasha Bhatt, India
Tom Billsborough, UK
Daniel J. Brick, USA
Mayjorey Buendia, Philippines
Ammar Butt, Pakistan
Amanda Celino, USA
Sahra Hussein Dahir, Somalia
Asavri Dhillon, India
Jacob Dyck, USA
Sandra Feldman, USA
Fabrizio Frosini, Italy
Alem Hailu G/Kristos, Ethiopia
Dimitrios Galanis, Greece
Istabraq Rafea Gharkan, Iraq
Negar Gorji, Iran
Birgitta Abimbola Heikka, USA
Zalina Ismail, Malaysia
Galina Italyanskaya, Russia
Afrooz Jafarinoor, Iran
Farzad Jahanbani, Iran
Seema Jayaraman, India
Jeresi Katusiime, Uganda
Srijana KC Neupane, Nepal
Sofia Kioroglou, Greece
Joji Varghese Kuncheria, India
Kelly Kurt, USA
Natchai Leenders, The Netherlands
Tapera Makadho, Zimbabwe
Kenneth Maswabi, Botswana
Mallika Menon, India
Asoke Kumar Mitra, India

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Sofia’s “I have no regrets”in the new haiku anthology of Poets Unite Worldwide



Sofia’s work in the new Haiku/Tanka Anthology

A member of the Poets Unite Worldwide, Sofia has written a new senryu poem alongside 62 other poets. This new anthology will soon be published by Fabrizio Frosini. It is always a delight to collaborate with superb poets!

Sofia’s Poem “At Idomeni to the village of Chamilo”in By Land and By Seas

By Land & By Seas: Poetry for the Refugees by [Frosini, Fabrizio, Sinicrope, Pamela, Italyanskaya, Galina, Kurt, Kelly, Mondal, Souren, Tennakoon, Udaya, Acevedo Johns, Alexandro, Maswabi, Kenneth, Turki, Harith I.]

62 poets, one editor and a great team!Hip, hip, hurray!


If you would like to read our poems, the 5-day-period of free download will be
JULY  18 / 22

“He that is greedy”in the Poetry against Inequality Anthology

Authoring paths

 Φωτογραφία: My Poem "He that is greedy" now in the Poets against Inequality Anthology
The Poems
Sayeed Abubakar, 'I Dream A World'
Alexandro Acevedo Johns, 'The Tree of Inequality'
Elias Aghili, 'Kingdoms Fall'
Kareem Akadri, 'The Giant Tree of Inequality'
Saadat Tahir Ali, 'Why, I came to be?'
Denis Andrei, 'Alienated of will'
Tia Attwood, 'How greed consumes the leaders of this land'
Kasiviswanathan Balakrishnan, 'To Those Who Govern'
Anna Banasiak, 'The richness of the soul'
Khaoula Basty, 'A Poor Engineer'
Lawrence Beck, 'Circles of Hell'
Abhilasha Bhatt, 'Rich dad, Poor dad'
Mayjorey Buendia, 'Inequality / In Equality'
Sophy Chen, 'Men and Women are not Equal'
Sahra Hussein Dahir, 'The lost opportunity'
Anish Debnath, 'Irrational Differentiation'
Luka Dezmalj, 'Even if a cynic'
Asavri Dhillon, 'Spear in Chest'
Fabrizio Frosini, 'Wax and Wane'
Alem Hailu G/Kristos, 'Inequalities of all shades'
Majid Gaggi, 'Were not we all born equal?'
Dimitrios Galanis, 'Throngs groaning'
Negar Gorji, '[Wo]/Man'
Birgitta Abimbola Heikka, 'Inequality.. a body atrophied'
Galina Italyanskaya, 'Not enough'
Afrooz Jafarinoor, 'To a rich Singer'
Farzad Jahanbani, 'North; Center; South'
Sergio Jaime, 'We exist'
Seema Jayaraman, 'Inequality – In You The Rich Thrive, Soul Denied'
Srijana KC Neupane, 'Ingrained Inequality'
Phumla Xuza Khanyile, 'Born to die'
Sofia Kioroglou, 'He that is greedy..'
Varghese Kuncheria, 'There is a Sore Evil'
Kelly Kurt, 'Egalitarianism'
Agatha-Eliza Laposi, 'The Collector'
Natchai Leenders, 'The Answer is 62'
Edward Kofi Louis, 'Creation'
Tapera Makadho, 'Border of Inequality'
Kenneth Maswabi, 'Mankind’s worst nightmare'
Wilfred Mellers, 'Unequally We Stand'
Aphrodite-Anastasia Menegaki, 'For the world’s one percent..'
Mallika Menon, 'Weeds of Inequality'
Leloudia Migdali, 'A Dream in Disgrace'
Asoke Kumar Mitra, 'Inequality.. in some minds..'
Istvan Dan Uriel Molnar, 'Small Cute Shoes'
Souren Mondal, 'Useless Bastards'
Anitah Muwanguzi, 'Treasure Hunter'
Bharati Nayak, 'What A Shame!'
Mohammed Asim Nehal, 'Barbie Doll'
Stephen Pennell, 'Sixty Two People'
Sarah Louise Persson, 'Inequality is Living'


Anthology of Poetry
Poems by:
Fabrizio Frosini, Pamela Sinicrope, Galina Italyanskaya, Kelly Kurt, Souren Mondal, Srijana KC Neupane, Udaya Tennakoon, Negar Gorji, Tapera Makadho, Ellias Aghili, Sayeed Abubakar, Alexandro Acevedo Johns, Kareem Akadri, Saadat Tahir Ali, Denis Andrei, Tia Attwood, Kasiviswanathan Balakrishnan, Anna Banasiak, Khaoula Basty, Lawrence Beck, Abhilasha Bhatt, Mayjorey Buendia, Sophy Chen, Sahra Hussein Dahir, Anish Debnath, Luka Dezmalj, Asavri Dhillon, Alem Hailu G/Kristos, Majid Gaggi, Dimitrios Galanis, Birgitta Abimbola Heikka, Afrooz Jafarinoor, Farzad Jahanbani, Sergio Jaime, Seema Jayaraman, Phumla Xuza Khanyile, Sofia Kioroglou, Varghese Kuncheria, Agatha-Eliza Laposi, Natchai Leenders, Edward Kofi Louis, Kenneth Maswabi, Wilfred Mellers, Aphrodite-Anastasia Menegaki, Mallika Menon, Leloudia Migdali, Asoke Kumar Mitra, Istvan Dan Uriel Molnar, Anitah Muwanguzi, Bharati Nayak, Mohammed Asim Nehal, Stephen Pennell, Sarah Louise Persson, Dominic Prempeh, Marianne Larsen Reninger, Govinda Rimal, Jan Ross, Sarah Russell, Leila Samarrai, Kirti Sharma, Anzelyne Shideshe, Osiel Silverino da Silva, Petra…

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The destruction of the Cultural Heritage of Cyprus by Turkey ? Or orchestrated by the United States? How US foreign policy practised the ” divide and rule” regarding the Cyprus dispute. Analysing through CIA’s revealed papers

Always love sharing blogworthy content and this one really fits the bill! Wonderful post!


O troubled isle of Aphrodite
So battered by hostile winds
that vie with one another
When will this storm abate?

O thou, my father’s land
Thy very heart so torn and so in pain
A castaway from thy native land
thy core is rent in twain

Strewn across thy verdant carpet
Soldiers have trampled thou like mire in the streets
O Cyprus, the lovely isle of fruitful vine
When will you breathe again?

Observer of the Near East

Our story starts with this short film, which was an initiative of the Committee of Cyprus Occupied Municipalities, portrays the destruction of the cultural heritage of Cyprus by Turkey that has been taking place in the northern part of Cyprus since the Turkish military invasion in 1974.

The 1974 war in Cyprus was a result of a bi-communal violence started when the Greek majority wanted to unify the island with Greece, something that was not a desire for the Turkish Cypriots. During the last 10 years before the events of July 1974, were marked by bi-communal violence, Greeks fled from Turkish majority villages,Turkish fled from Greek majority villages, houses burnt, greek militia that wanted the unification with Greece killed a lot of Turkish Cypriots as well and even greeks who insisted for an independent state . Massive graves of Greek or Turkish bodies are dispersed into the island and some of…

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Something in my way, poem by Sofia Kioroglou (LEARNING TO DRIVE Poetry and Prose Series)

Thank you so much Silver Birch Press for the wonderful presentation of my poem. Thank you again and again. Beautiful!

Silver Birch Press

The Crossroads. Country crossroads shrouded in with stop sign silhouette shrouded in fog.Something in my way
by Sofia Kioroglou

I see an obstacle
always a roadblock
in my dreams and when awake

I see this road sign
always the stop sign.
I thought third time is the charm.

PHOTO: “Crossroads” by ehrif, used by permission.

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: I wrote this poem after failing my third driving test. I was crushed when I failed it the first time but had thought I would pass it the second time. Third time is the charm did not work for me, though. I have given up the whole thing and see myself more suited to being a back seat driver.

SOFIA AT THE ATHENS FILM FESTIVALABOUT THE AUTHOR: Sofia Kioroglou is a poet, writer and prolific blogger residing in Athens, Greece, with her husband Peter. She remembers herself born with a quill in her hand writing poems and painting beautiful pictures. Her recent work “Guns and bullets” is included in…

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