The destruction of the Cultural Heritage of Cyprus by Turkey ? Or orchestrated by the United States? How US foreign policy practised the ” divide and rule” regarding the Cyprus dispute. Analysing through CIA’s revealed papers

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O troubled isle of Aphrodite
So battered by hostile winds
that vie with one another
When will this storm abate?

O thou, my father’s land
Thy very heart so torn and so in pain
A castaway from thy native land
thy core is rent in twain

Strewn across thy verdant carpet
Soldiers have trampled thou like mire in the streets
O Cyprus, the lovely isle of fruitful vine
When will you breathe again?

Observer of the Near East

Our story starts with this short film, which was an initiative of the Committee of Cyprus Occupied Municipalities, portrays the destruction of the cultural heritage of Cyprus by Turkey that has been taking place in the northern part of Cyprus since the Turkish military invasion in 1974.

The 1974 war in Cyprus was a result of a bi-communal violence started when the Greek majority wanted to unify the island with Greece, something that was not a desire for the Turkish Cypriots. During the last 10 years before the events of July 1974, were marked by bi-communal violence, Greeks fled from Turkish majority villages,Turkish fled from Greek majority villages, houses burnt, greek militia that wanted the unification with Greece killed a lot of Turkish Cypriots as well and even greeks who insisted for an independent state . Massive graves of Greek or Turkish bodies are dispersed into the island and some of…

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