I love the magazine ‘I am not a silent Poet’ and I feel honored to see my poem published in it!

State Secularism a notion of Yore in I am not a silent Poet
With my husband engaged in fighting,
I must perforce cover my face
a sort of repression seeping into my life
contaminating my existence, a vicious putrefaction

State secularism a notion of yore
our Syria under the rule of extremists
without a male relative I must endure
a future so bleak under house arrest ad infinitum

In today’s world of putative justice,
females always remain shortchanged
where rape and sexual abuse will always thrive
the crowning with thorns I strongly endure and suffer

* The poem is soon going to be published in the new anthology against Gender Discrimination on Amazon by Fabrizio Frosini and Poets Unite Worldwide

I am not a silent poet welcomes quality poems of protest. We have been seeing such increasing evidence of abuse recently that we felt it was time to do something. I am not a silent poet looks for poems about abuse in any of its forms: colour, gender, disability, the dismantlement of the care services, the privatisation of health services, the rape culture, FGM, our girls in Nigeria are just some of the examples that come to mind at the moment.
It is not a site for rants.

Please send all contributions for consideration to: reubenwoolley52@gmail.com. I would prefer attachments (especially for poems with unusual formatting and graphic material. You can add a brief biographical note and/or link to your website or blog.

There is also a group page on Facebook where I share the links and where we can talk about what we are doing. You are welcome to join:

Editors: Natalia Spencer and Reuben Woolley


11 thoughts on “I love the magazine ‘I am not a silent Poet’ and I feel honored to see my poem published in it!

  1. Good for you. Excellent piece more than worthy of the venue and publication anywhere, Sofia.


    1. Thank you so much for reading and commenting, my friend!All of us poets wanna write poems that will leave scorch marks on people’s hearts and constitute a kind of revolutionary iconoclasm against gross sexist and other more subtly perceived injustices. Have a blooming good weekend and an even more prosperous coming week.

      Liked by 1 person

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