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Why I Write Poetry: Sofia Kioroglou | WritersDigest.com

In 2017, I started a “Why I Write Poetry” series of guest posts. I’ve already received so many, and I hope they keep coming in (details on how to In this post, Sofia Kioroglou, an award-winning poet from Athens, Greece, shares her reasons for writing and publishing poetry.

Πηγή: Why I Write Poetry: Sofia Kioroglou | WritersDigest.com

The English edition of my book ” Literary Journeys to the Holy Land” will be out in June. Thank you all!

The English version of the book is slated for publication in June so that readers from all over the world will have the chance to be imbued in the experience! A special thank you to Linda Imbler and Christine Tabaka, Sue Vincent, my wordpress friend Vincent from New Jersey, my friend Jendi from Winning Writers and Anders from Odyssey.pm,Derrick my dear wordpress friend and all my friends from wordpress, twitter and the Holy Land for having been my staunch supporters.



Το βιβλίο ” Λογοτεχνικές Διαδρομές στην Αγία Γη” σε όλα τα βιβλιοπωλεία μαζί με τα νέα βιβλία του Πρόμαχου

Heartfelt thanks to Mark Antony Rossi for nominating my work for the Best of the Net Awards

Hip, hip, hooray! Who would expect this surprising piece of news early this morning! This is my second-time Nomination for the Best of the Net Awards, this time coming from Ariel Chart! Thank you all for your ongoing reading of my work and staunch support

Over a limerence by Sofia

Editor’s Anouncement

Ariel Chart is proud to announce eight writing nominations in two categories for THE BEST OF NET AWARDS.


Linda Imbler — The Value of Shadows
David Subacchi — To My Father
Karlo Sevilla — Xmas Doesn’t Arrive in Metro Manila
Sofia Kioroglou— Over a Limerence
Siddharth Sehgal- A Nation of Tribes
Peter Magliocco— Serrated Sleep


Alan Bennington — A Catchy Little Tune
Leia Johnson — The Room

The very best of luck to all nominated. We are grateful for your work and your continued vision in the arts.

Mark Antony Rossi
Editor in Chief
Ariel Chart

New work live at Verse-Virtual

Thank you Firestone Feinberg, Editor of Verse-Virtual for selecting for publication my poem ” On the Death of my Father” which has been nominated for the 2017 Best of the Net Award by Sundress Publications.  The poem is dedicated to my father who passed away almost 3 years ago. There are some amazing poets in this month’s issue, so take a gander at it


You can read it at :

On the death of my father


The Renga race is on! I will provide the kick off and you are all invited to join in on our Facebook page

Anyone is welcome to join in this creative adventure! I will be marking the kick off of this poetry adventure then join in. When? February 21st is our Kickoff day. Please visit The Idiotic and Feeble Mindeed Poets Page and join in the fun. This is our chance to link us across the planet.

WHAT? There are many ways of doing a RENGA. Since it was through the RENGA that the haiku emerged, ours should be haiku in flavor but without the anxieties of form. There are some who have experience in RENGA and may want to work within a form-that’s ok. But an intuitive 3 line -2 line – 3 line etc is our approach.


Message from the Creator of The Idiotic and Feeble minded poets, Vincent Zepp:

HOW? The poem will be written in the “say something” field on THE IDIOTIC AND FEEBLE MINDED POETS FACE BOOK PAGE with everyone having an opportunity to contribute. The poem has to be copy and pasted into the field each time in order to add the next link -thus eliminating the previous entry. We ok so far? If you can’t copy and paste message me and I’ll do it for you. If you can’t message me email me at postpublishingworld@gmail.com The last step would be to post your link in the comments so we know who wrote it. It is quite simple. If Facebook wasn’t so clumsy I’m sure there’d be a better approach.

WHY? There’s no doubt that THE IDIOTIC AND FEEBLE MINDED POETS is the most unique literary page on Facebook. That’s because of the poets and poetry. The RENGA is a chance to link us across the planet. We don’t have the opportunity to sit down for drinks and dinner and readings-this as close as we can get for the time being.

THANKS! We thank you for what will be a creative fun adventure. Feel free to contact us if we can be of help in any way.

To take part please visit us at :


The Ramingo’s Porch #2 – Get Ready for Some “Love, Spring and Revolution” From All Over The World

Thank you Marc Pietrzykowski and  Catfish McDaris, the editors of the Ramingo’s Porch (Issue #2 – Love, Spring, & Revolution), for publishing my poem along with an interview (many of the poets in this issue #2 have interviews along with their work).
Also in this issue are my poet friends: Marianne Szlyk, Rajnishmishravns Varanasi, Ndaba Sibanda, Lynn White and many other talented writers.


Sneak Peek of the cover.JPG

Welcome to issue number 2 of The Ramingo’s Porch, which is 2 more than any of us thought would emerge from gestation into sunlight–but we received so many fine submissions, the journey proved pretty simple, if not inevitable.

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Το γλωσσάρι τεχνικών όρων μπορείτε να το προμηθευτείτε σε οποιοδήποτε βιβλιοπωλείο μετά από παραγγελία


Γλωσσάριο τεχνικών όρων : Για στελέχη αγορών/προμηθειών και διοίκησης δικτύων εφοδιασμού : [Αγγλο-ελληνικό] = Glossary of technical terms : [English-Greek] / απόδοση στα ελληνικά Σοφία Κιόρογλου, Αγγλική

Δευτερεύων Συγγραφέας: Κιόρογλου, Σοφία, Μεταφραστής
Γλώσσα: Αγγλική ; Ελληνική.
Δημοσίευση: [χ.τ.] : Humantec, 2009
Περιγραφή: 168σ. ; 22εκ.
ISBN: 978-960-98890-0-1.
Dewey: 650, 21
Ταξινόμηση: 2009/009740
Θέμα – Θεματικό Όνομα: Αγγλική γλώσσα — Τεχνικά Αγγλικά — Λεξικά