The looking-glass self

Your stabs hit me exactly where you hope they would
with such ferocity that gouges out all vanity and conceit.
A knife thrust through the illusions of my bloated ego,
An ugly distortion of an inner image through a plastic glass
which finally crumpled with me looking at the looking-glass self.



“The Free besieged” by Sofia Kioroglou

His intuizione musicale
totally new in the until then known art
with a language, a map of a terra incognito
of transcendental abstractions and idealistic notions

His ideal was unfettered Greece
the crisis still felt today
the Pandora’s box discovered
many a skeleton uncovers

I recognize you by the fierce edge of your sword
Liberty so sacred and so rare
in an era where ” ethnos” is emotively achromatic
Solomos ” The Free besieged” an urgent call for an exodus.

Α few words about Dionysios Solomos – * Dionysios Solomos, the Greek National poet born in Zakynthos Greece: Dionysios Solomos (1798-1857) was born on the island of Zakynthos. He is considered as the Greek national poet as town stanzas of his poem Hymn to Liberty has been declared as the national Anthem of Greece. Solomos is also credited as the first to create a modern poetic culture in Greece. Source:

My sincere thanks to Mark Antony Rossi for selecting my poem for publication in the July issue of Ariel Chart

My poem “Mia Madre” is up and running in the July issue of Ariel Chart! A special thank you to Mark Antony Rossi, the Editor! It feels good to be published alongside Christine Tabaka, Ken Allan Dronsfield and so many other poets. There is a flash fiction project in the works so stay tuned!

“I shall return…” by Sofia Kioroglou

I shall return again
I shall return
My Ithaca
I shall return again
I shall return
My wife
I shall return again
I shall return
I have travelled far and wide
I shall return again
I shall return
I ‘ll leave Ogygia
I shall return again
I shall return
My life

I shall return again
My Ithaca,
My Muse,
My former life.

Sofia Kioroglou
The following work is Copyright © 2016, and owned by ​Sofia Kioroglou. It is published on with the written permission from the author which we are grateful for.
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The island of the iron”by Sofia Kioroglou
Big and rowdy,
loud and lovely,
it stands on my porch
sprawling with filiform tentacles
the thorn-armored canes
my bougainvillea uses as claws
to etch indelible memories of
unforgettable summers on Folegandros
outside Karavostasi, those wrist pataguinha tattoos
eternally scorched into my heart and mind

Through the Myrtle Fields
The Mediterranean sea
the blue sea par excellence
the Mare Nostrum of the Romans
the turquoise blue of us Greeks.
It soothes me and caresses me
with its gentle breeze,
wafting my mind’s fog
through the myrtle fields.

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A special thank you  to  the  Editor  of  The Outlaw Poetry Network for publishing my poem!


 “Unconvincing Charade” by Sofia Kioroglou

I am   not prancing around
Pretending to be a reputable poetess
Pretensions not my cup of tea

The Muses and Mnemosyne
Sometimes defy my invocations
To come save me from the writer’s abyss

My inspiration, a stranded heron wading
through the mess to get to where it should
be going, has lost its compass

img_2989Poco a poco

Following a fallow writing period,
Ideas are now raining down on my head
poco a poco

Like machine gun
In Sectional variations
Monophonic in texture

Pen scribbling with staccato accuracy
Trailing its nib in highfalutin octaves
Hither and thither,
to and fro
and all over the place

With terraced dynamics
Through-composed like ballads
Waltzing around the dance floor of my s