Something in my way, poem by Sofia Kioroglou (LEARNING TO DRIVE Poetry and Prose Series)

Thank you so much Silver Birch Press for the wonderful presentation of my poem. Thank you again and again. Beautiful!

Silver Birch Press

The Crossroads. Country crossroads shrouded in with stop sign silhouette shrouded in fog.Something in my way
by Sofia Kioroglou

I see an obstacle
always a roadblock
in my dreams and when awake

I see this road sign
always the stop sign.
I thought third time is the charm.

PHOTO: “Crossroads” by ehrif, used by permission.

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: I wrote this poem after failing my third driving test. I was crushed when I failed it the first time but had thought I would pass it the second time. Third time is the charm did not work for me, though. I have given up the whole thing and see myself more suited to being a back seat driver.

SOFIA AT THE ATHENS FILM FESTIVALABOUT THE AUTHOR: Sofia Kioroglou is a poet, writer and prolific blogger residing in Athens, Greece, with her husband Peter. She remembers herself born with a quill in her hand writing poems and painting beautiful pictures. Her recent work “Guns and bullets” is included in…

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