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A Flower From Heaven that Blossomed in Earth’s Garden A tribute to Gavrilia Papagianni- Sofia Kioroglou


Sofia Kioroglou is a missionary, a pilgrim and a wife who writes poetry and loves chocolate and small kindnesses. Her personal blog is:

Pray for Greece


Sofia Kioroglou

The pain is still fresh from the fire that burned down the Attica region of Greece. Here is a tribute to the victims of the tragedy that befell us for our unique literary platform.

The English edition of my book ” Literary Journeys to the Holy Land” will be out in June. Thank you all!

The English version of the book is slated for publication in June so that readers from all over the world will have the chance to be imbued in the experience! A special thank you to Linda Imbler and Christine Tabaka, Sue Vincent, my wordpress friend Vincent from New Jersey, my friend Jendi from Winning Writers and Anders from,Derrick my dear wordpress friend and all my friends from wordpress, twitter and the Holy Land for having been my staunch supporters.



Το βιβλίο ” Λογοτεχνικές Διαδρομές στην Αγία Γη” σε όλα τα βιβλιοπωλεία μαζί με τα νέα βιβλία του Πρόμαχου

Listen to “Gehinnom ” with the euphonious voice of Jay Todd Underhill! A heartfelt thank you to Nancy from Page and Spine who believed in the poem. Happy Easter!

Thank you to Anders Dalhgren from Mediterranean Poetry for featuring my work today.

Sofia Kioroglou

Let me spoil you with such small gems from the Mediterranean (Aegean this time) world. For those who follow my work, my previous work was about Jerusalem. Next piece coming up from the most diligent poet of the Magazine ,Ray Greenblatt