“The Free besieged” by Sofia Kioroglou

His intuizione musicale
totally new in the until then known art
with a language, a map of a terra incognito
of transcendental abstractions and idealistic notions

His ideal was unfettered Greece
the crisis still felt today
the Pandora’s box discovered
many a skeleton uncovers

I recognize you by the fierce edge of your sword
Liberty so sacred and so rare
in an era where ” ethnos” is emotively achromatic
Solomos ” The Free besieged” an urgent call for an exodus.

Α few words about Dionysios Solomos – * Dionysios Solomos, the Greek National poet born in Zakynthos Greece: Dionysios Solomos (1798-1857) was born on the island of Zakynthos. He is considered as the Greek national poet as town stanzas of his poem Hymn to Liberty has been declared as the national Anthem of Greece. Solomos is also credited as the first to create a modern poetic culture in Greece. Source:


Thank you Lunaris Review!The Editorial Team is pleased to announce the 2017 Best of the Net Award nomination list for Lunaris Review.Read and share “My poem “On the death of my father”


The Editorial Team is pleased to announce the 2017 Best of the Net Award nomination list for Lunaris Review.

Read and share!


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Congratulations and Best of Luck to the Nominees.

Sofia Kioroglou – On the death of my father

On the death of my father

You are gone and with you I cannot converse
my prayer our only communication channel
This phone call will certainly reach you

My cries no longer heave
I have started to play the piano again
got that pixie cut with long bangs

I know you are well
I can feel you
I see you smile

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If life ain’t been no crystal stair
by Sofia Kioroglou




Enjoy what is in your glass

whether half full or half empty

just let it whirl around and

savor its body and color


Don’t just swig it but sip it slowly

allow its flavor to linger on your palate

Take what life throws at you

and if it is a lemon make some iced tea


If life ain’t been no crystal stair

embrace the tacks and splinters

today’s slings and arrows are

tomorrow’s fish-and-chip paper


Listen to my poem entitled “The Looking-glass self” recited by radio host J Todd Underhill. Profound gratitude to Jay for featuring two of my poems this week

Listen to my poem entitled “The Looking-glass self” recited by radio host J Todd Underhill. Profound gratitude to Jay for featuring two of my poems this week!


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“Between and betwixt”in Lone Stars #87

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The looking-glass self

Your stabs hit me exactly where you hope they would
with such ferocity that gouges out all vanity and conceit.
A knife thrust through the illusions of my bloated ego,
An ugly distortion of an inner image through a plastic glass
which finally crumpled with me looking at the looking-glass self.

Mar Sabba

Dotting the wilderness of the Judean Desert
hanging dramatically down the cliff edge of a deep ravine
Mar Saba stands imperiously, overlooking the Kidron Valley
Despite the restriction on women entering the main compound,
I feel an impalpable presence here at the Women’s Tower

Hopefully, I know this unique sentiment won’t be taken by Crusaders,
No gesture of good will justify the unjustifiable looting
Mar Sabba will not remain in Italy, the gross injustices he’ll rectify
Back to the Holy Land, his relics the glory of God will signify

The poem is based on the miraculous return of the relics of Saint Savvas the Sanctified

The Holy Fire

Miracles always happen
I have lived a miracle
I have seen the Holy Fire
At noon, on Holy Saturday
descending like a sword,
swirling like a smoky coil
before lighting the candle
of the girl next to me.

Miracles always happen
Some minds deny the truth
Others cling to concreteness
But Jesus is always there
it is a mere cowardice
to seek safety in negations
“Logic is like the sword–
those who appeal to it shall perish by it.”


the Land of Fruits
the biblical Elim
a stopping place for travellers

* The history of the city of El Tur dates back to the time of the pharaohs but little people know about it, as El Tur is not located in an area destinated for tourism, but is has a longer history than most other places in Sinai. The first inhabitants called it Raitho, the land of fruit, because there were so many palm trees with dates to be found. In the Bible El Tur is called Elim. El Tur later was named after the nearby mountain, Gebel El Tur.

Another Plato’s Cave by Sofia Kioroglou

In Between Hangovers

Another Plato’s cave
where sheeple will find shelter
Another shadow their fear will cast

We keep making excuses for
not living the life of our dreams
but we keep inventing their enemies

We have nothing to fear but fear itself
the sirens of this world defy
as they will drag you down to hell.

sofia-kioroglou Sofia Kioroglou is a twice award-winning poet, journalist, writer and prolific blogger residing in Athens, Greece, with her husband Peter. Her work can be found in print and online, most recently in Galleon Literary Journal. To learn more about her work, visit:

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