Sofia’s poem “Like Nigella Damascena”in Winamop

“Nigella Damascena ” in Winamop


August 3rd


It’s up up and away with the new edition of your favourite on-line magazine… Well, OK, it may not be your favourite but at least you’re here reading it!

Winamop has been going for such a long time that we have amassed a vast collection of material, and it’s all still on the site for you to enjoy. I did a random pick to see what came out, like ducking for apples, and came up with this poem from Yvette Managan dating from 2011. It’s great, and there’s more where that came from – so why not have a good old root around by clicking the genre tabs at the top there and see what you come up with?

Of course the main event is the freshly minted stuff we have for you this month, and there’s a lot of it!

So without further pontification, let’s get straight to it.

it says "poems"

“Like Nigella Damascena”
by Sofia Kioroglou


Mothers are special
Mothers are the best
They are like buttons
They hold everything together

Mothers are like flowers
like the Rose of Sharon
like Nigella Damascena
beautiful and graceful

Mothers are like ballerinas
swirling around like in
satin-lined jewelry boxes
doing the splits, even touching their toes

I sometimes wonder how they do this
spreading themselves too thin
somersaulting like dolphins
always charming and buoyant

7 responses to “Sofia’s poem “Like Nigella Damascena”in Winamop”

  1. I love your poem ! Very Heart Touching and true!


  2. Υπέροχο!

    πολύ δυνατές εικόνες και παρομοιώσεις…

    φιλιά, Σοφία μου


    1. Αλεξία μου…τώρα μιλούσα στον άνδρα μου για σένα…Μου λέγε μπας και τον Οκτώβρη ανέβουμε Θεσσαλονίκη. Έχει ο Θεός. Τα φιλιά μου!!!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Πανέμορφο Σοφία μου!

    Και όπως έγραψε ο Οδυσσέας Ελύτης “Κι ένα τέταρτο μητέρας, αρκεί για δέκα ζωές και πάλι κάτι θα περισσέψει που θα το ανακράξεις σε στιγμή μεγάλου κινδύνου”

    την αγάπη μου…


    1. 🌹🌹🌹🌹Καλή Παναγιά, Μέλια μου! Την αγάπη μου! Σε ευχαριστώ πολύ πολύ!!!


  4. So heartwarming, we mothers try our best and we sometimes wonder if we are appreciated. hanks for stopping by.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 😉 God bless you! Be well!


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