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Sorry if I haven’t been on WP so often but I have really been caught up in the thick of things. So many things on so many burners. Thank you for always reading my work and supporting me. Promise to visit your blogs asap.




If life ain’t been no crystal stair
by Sofia Kioroglou




Enjoy what is in your glass

whether half full or half empty

just let it whirl around and

savor its body and color


Don’t just swig it but sip it slowly

allow its flavor to linger on your palate

Take what life throws at you

and if it is a lemon make some iced tea


If life ain’t been no crystal stair

embrace the tacks and splinters

today’s slings and arrows are

tomorrow’s fish-and-chip paper


Raitho and the incorrupt relics of Monk Gregory Skevofylax of Zakynthos


the Land of Fruits

the biblical Elim

a stopping place for travellers


To read the poem ‘Raitho’ visit :

The Incorrupt Relics of Monk Gregory Skevofylax of Zakynthos


My visit to Raitho this December has been a great blessing. I am still trying to get back to the normal and mundane rhythm of things but I have great difficulty getting back to earth. I feel an irrepressible desire to talk about present day El-Tor which is not much visited by foreign tourists, but this is ancient Raitho where, during the time of the Roman emperor Diocletian, the Holy Fathers of the Sinai were massacred by the Blemmyes of Africa. More poems coming up in the next few days, God willing.

Although Raitho is not so well-known by tourists, one can be impressed by the spititual beauty of the place.Despite the fact not much is left here,  a letter addressed by the Abbot John Hegoumenos of Raitho to “John the most worthy Hegoumenos of Mount Sinai” has survived. From this we learn that at the time of the Abbot John, there was a lavra (a group of hermit dwellings) at Raitho. Today, one can still see the ruins of a monastery built by Justinian, and there is also a more recent monastery with a splendid church dedicated to St. George and a guest house.


The Greek Monastery at Raitou

The Greek Orthodox Monastery with the Church of St. George, is a medieval rebuilding of an earlier church located near the sea on adjacent land now part of the El-Kelany archaeological site. Within the Church of St. George are the incorrupt relics of “the second founder of the monastery”, Monk Gregory Skevofylax of Zakynthos. Monk Gregory helped re-establish the Monastery at Raithou with Monk Porphyrios in 1827. Recently his relics were discovered to be incorrupt. The Church of St. George was founded by Monk Gregory in 1885.There have been many appearances of Monk Gregory to devout Christians in Raitho, working many miracles.Upon seeing the incorrupt myrrh-giving relics of Monk Gregory of Raitou , I felt an inexpressible need to write about him as not much about him is known. Hope this article is the first of a series of articles and poems that will follow tracing the steps  of this Father as well as the other hermits who were  massacred by the Blemmyes of Africa and who are believed to be like the invisible hermits of Mount Athos. More coming up soon. Happy Reading!!!

My two short poems take you on a veritable Middle-Eastern tour in the new edition of Winamop

8th November

Brrr! It’s cold out there.

A good time of year to stay indoors and surf a little. Winamop can help because here is the new edition of an under-the-radar under-resourced e-zine with the kindest and warmest editor I have so far met.

My first poem is a Christmassy piece in the poetic form Nonet (9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 syllables) called Beit Sahour and then we have “Raitho”. A veritable Middle-Eastern tour! For those who don’t know Winamop, you are missing out.  Check out the e-zine and learn more about the editor and the contributors!img_2947.


Sofia’s poem “Like Nigella Damascena”in Winamop

“Nigella Damascena ” in Winamop


August 3rd


It’s up up and away with the new edition of your favourite on-line magazine… Well, OK, it may not be your favourite but at least you’re here reading it!

Winamop has been going for such a long time that we have amassed a vast collection of material, and it’s all still on the site for you to enjoy. I did a random pick to see what came out, like ducking for apples, and came up with this poem from Yvette Managan dating from 2011. It’s great, and there’s more where that came from – so why not have a good old root around by clicking the genre tabs at the top there and see what you come up with?

Of course the main event is the freshly minted stuff we have for you this month, and there’s a lot of it!

So without further pontification, let’s get straight to it.

it says "poems"

“Like Nigella Damascena”
by Sofia Kioroglou


Mothers are special
Mothers are the best
They are like buttons
They hold everything together

Mothers are like flowers
like the Rose of Sharon
like Nigella Damascena
beautiful and graceful

Mothers are like ballerinas
swirling around like in
satin-lined jewelry boxes
doing the splits, even touching their toes

I sometimes wonder how they do this
spreading themselves too thin
somersaulting like dolphins
always charming and buoyant

“Like the measles” in Winamop’s July edition

weeds by post!

Like the measles

Love happens only once.
Just like the measles
You take it only once
Your heart is a firework
flashing heavenwards
no second time in your lifetime.
Meteor-like, it blazes for a moment
but bang goes the illusion
“Love conquers all”
Not always
A hoax perhaps
An indulgent delusion definitely

Winamop’s July issue is out and Sofia’s new poems in it

I love Winamop and I just can’t hide it. I am so overjoyed my three micro poems were included in July’s issue of Winamop and grateful to all my faithful friends on WP who support me and fuel my efforts with their ongoing love and confidence. Cheers to all from scorching hot Athens!

To read Sofia’s work, visit

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Welcome to all of you with enthusiasm for the literary, the musical and the artistic. We have stories, we have poems, we have pictures, we have music reviews, and with your help, we’re constantly adding more.

The site is regularly updated with new material, let the editor introduce the latest edition:

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July 1st

Wow! Winamop uploaded on the first of the month? What’s happened?

It could be because I’m a little distracted at the moment. To the surprise of everyone, including those who wanted to go, Britain seems to be about to leave the European Union.

In case you haven’t been following the news, we had a referendum and the “Great British public” voted to leave. A bit like turkeys voting for Christmas I suppose, but I guess we’ll have to lump it because it’s a democratic decision. One made in the face of an enormous barrage of disinformation from both sides, but a democratic decision none the less.

It’s an ill wind that blows nobody any good of course and people have been inspired to put “pen to paper” on the subject. We have a couple of Page 94s this month, one from Martin Friel (maybe it should be Page95?) plus the usual selection of stories and poems for you to enjoy.

Never mind the boll.. I mean politics, back to the important stuff!

It’s been a good month for Winamop with our contributors working hard to entertain and inspire you.

Stories first as usual.

We’ll start with Donal Mahoney. I always learn things when preparing Winamop. This time I have learned that U.S. KFCs sell more than deep-fried chicken! Gizzards and gravy anyone? No? Well try Chicken Breast or Rump Roast. Saucy but nice!
read this!


Martin Green is back with us and this time he brings us the tale of a house guest who has started to outstay his welcome. What can be done? Read A Visit From My Brother Jake.
read this!


Now it’s time to welcome Jerry Vilhotti back to the fold with a piece of flash fiction. This is about a little sibling needling. It’s called No Ears.
read this!


Louis Sisto contributed some flash fiction last month, but this time he has a full length story for us. This is a rather unsettling tale called A Sober Mourning.
read this!


a line, (a short blue one)

On to poetry – and it’s been a couple of months since we last heard from Richard Schnap [BIO], but now he has returned and he brings as a wistful poem called Suspended Animation.
read this!


Neil Ellman has been studying art works and producing poetry to accompany them for some time now. Here we have his latest collection featuring works by Endre Bartos, Hannah Hoch and Tadashi Nakayama.
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KJ Hannah Greenberg has a poem for us this time, and I must also inform you that she has a new book out called ,Friends and Rabid Hedgehogs, available from Amazon. The poem is about the trials of The Five to Eight Parent.
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Now to our Athens correspondent Sofia Kioroglou who returns with three super little poems. I Try, A War and the rather sad Like the Measles.
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Perry L. Powell writes good poetry; ideas captured on the wing. This collection of five poems is called The Mixture As Before. I hope you enjoy it.
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What a collection!

Well done all, let’s do it again in about a month’s time.

I’m looking forward to it.


Sofia’s “Flying by the seat of my pants” & “Whoever said perseverance is failing 19 times?” in Winamop’s June issue

It is always a pleasure to see my work published in Winamop. There are many reasons why I feel chuffed like my Editor, Dave. Firstly, Winamop is a superb publication featuring awesome work. Secondly, I am enshrouded by the infinite kindness and warmth of Winamop’s community. Thank you Winamop for your support!

weeds by post!

weeds by post!

Editor’s Note:

June 6th

Well I am chuffed! (“pleased, happy,” c.1860, British dialect, from obsolete chuff “swollen with fat”).
Yes, well I am slightly over weight but let’s concentrate on the happy part.

Why? Because this month’s edition of Winamop is absolutely bursting with good stories and poetry!

I hope you enjoy it.

Editor’s note about Sofia’s poems:

Now it’s good to be able to welcome Sofia Kioroglou back to Winamop. Here she brings us one poem Flying by the seat of my pants. That’s life I guess..

Sofia’s Poetry in Winamop’s June Issue