“Je ne regrette rien” by Sofia Kioroglou


Je ne regrette rien

Je l’ai appris de mes erreurs

Nous Vivons avec les cicatrices

que nous choisissons.


I have no Regrets

I have no regrets!

I have learnt from my mistakes

We live with the scars we choose.


Δεν μετανιώνω για τίποτα

Έμαθα από τα λάθη μου

ότι ζούμε με τις πληγές που επιλέγουμε.

© Sofia Kioroglou


9 thoughts on ““Je ne regrette rien” by Sofia Kioroglou

    1. Thank you kindly!I admire your work. It is always very eloquent and tugs at the heartstrings. Your comments are also greatly appreciated. Thanks for stopping by and Happy New Year full of love and good cheer!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You are kindly welcome, my friend…thank you, again, for your generous words…I am enjoying your blog and hope to dedicate some time soon to read more of your posts…Happy New Year when it comes to you, too 😀


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