The Modern Vaccine Agenda: An Orthodox Reflection

The Inkless Pen

Is the “well-being” of humanity truly the driving factor behind the powers that are rushing to create a c-virus vaccine? Or are there darker intentions around this agenda?

In this post, I am not so much trying to address material issues surrounding the modern application of vaccines but rather the possible spiritual intent. I will remind the reader that we are psycho-somatic beings in our totality, so what we physically put into our person will have spiritual effects (as a drastic example take LSD, it is a physical-chemical that indeed induces sinister spiritualism).


Generally speaking, I’m not against the principle of vaccines – that it is possible to help build a person, or a group of persons, immunity against a said illness. This is not a new idea nor a bad one. Thus the neutral principle of vaccines is not in and of itself wrong. Thus, let it be clear…

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