Jarring Disjuncture now published in Ashvamegh


Ashvamegh’s March issue is now downloadable at http://ashvamegh.net/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/Ashvamegh-Issue-XIV-March-2016.pdf

I am so excited my poem “Jarring Disjuncture” is included in the March 2016 Issue of Ashvamegh!This month is full of good poetry. The world has celebrated international women’s day on 8th of March. Having that in mind, the focus of this issue is on the writings of women poets mostly from across the globe! You can now download the issue  at http://ashvamegh.net/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/Ashvamegh-Issue-XIV-March-2016.pdf

“Jarring disjuncture”by Sofia Kioroglou

As wide asunder from pole to pole
My Eastern and your Western
in jarring disjuncture I am breaking
laying to rest the yawning divide.

East is East and West is West
and never the twain shall meet.
In dissonant chords and yodeling voices
My North I cede to your South.

The ice is cracked open
melting our hemispheres’ differences
into oblivion, engulfed eternally
in an ocean of seamless convergence.