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A Flower From Heaven that Blossomed in Earth’s Garden A tribute to Gavrilia Papagianni- Sofia Kioroglou


Sofia Kioroglou is a missionary, a pilgrim and a wife who writes poetry and loves chocolate and small kindnesses. Her personal blog is:

Pray for Greece


Sofia Kioroglou

The pain is still fresh from the fire that burned down the Attica region of Greece. Here is a tribute to the victims of the tragedy that befell us for our unique literary platform.

Thank you, Nancy! Humbled and honored to see my work featured at Page Spine Fiction Showcase! It is nice to feel my babes have found a home!

A special thank you to Page and Spine for publishing my poem “Like A fallen Adam from Grace”

I am beyond stoked to say that one of my favorite poems has just been up at Page and Spine.

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