A tribute to the looted maiden of Karyai stranded at the British Museum – “Bring her back” by Sofia Kioroglou

IMG_0061Bring her back- Sofia Kioroglou


Six draped female figures
Greet me on the porch of the Erechtheion
Enchanting maiden dancers beckoning me
With baskets of live reeds on their heads

Waving their hands on the balcony
Immaculately attired and coiffed
The maidens of Karyai weep over their looted sister
Stranded alone in the cold British museum

I try to wipe a tear off their eyes
And all I get is a dirty look
“Not acting is conniving” she whispered
Alas, one angry stare from you is worse than Gehinnom

* Gehinnom is a small valley in Jerusalem and the Jewish and Christian analogue of hell.





img_2989Poco a poco

Following a fallow writing period,
Ideas are now raining down on my head
poco a poco

Like machine gun
In Sectional variations
Monophonic in texture

Pen scribbling with staccato accuracy
Trailing its nib in highfalutin octaves
Hither and thither,
to and fro
and all over the place

With terraced dynamics
Through-composed like ballads
Waltzing around the dance floor of my s


Profound thanks to M.Klaus for his trust and confidence in my poetry and to all of you bloggers who are like family to me. WordPress has been instrumental in enriching my contacts and helping me grow both as a person and poet. God bless you all!

“Flying by the seat of my pants” by Sofia Kioroglou


Life is like riding a bicycle
You don’t fall unless you stop pedalling
But what about freewheeling?
It is like allowing your life
to be controlled by destiny

The truth is that I have never learned
to ride a bike but only to freewheel
I love flying by the seat of my pants
I just love the unpredictable
I just want to see life like a walk in the park




I fell in love with a frog by Sofia Kioroglou
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I fell in love with a frog,
who was sitting alone on the banks of the Nile,
mooning over the premature decease of his beautiful wife.

He was sobbing his heart out,
his lips convulsed with woe, dripping emotion,
his chin atremble, the words buried in a raven black but deafening silence.

I instantly knew he was the find of my ultimate search for love.
A bathos unknown to those seeking earthly pleasures,
a poignancy knocking vulgarity off its temporal pedestal.

My dear love, dearest of all other loves,
my love for this frog, please become a wreath
a halo, a redemptive power to soothe all pain



The son of Nyx and Erebos
The child of stygian moonless Night
So indiscriminate and fierce
That woeful demise.

With your inverted torch in hand
You hold our souls like butterflies
So many lives extinguished
O Death empire unconfin’d


Sofia Kioroglou is a Greek poet, writer and perennial traveller to the Holy Land and Egypt. Her recent entry to the Festival for Poetry was singled out at the Best of February and her poems have been selected in the 26 Most Commented Writers Category of Pengician. Her poems can be found online and in print in Lunaris Review, In Between Hangovers, Galleon Literary Journal, Pengician, Galway Review, Verse-Virtual, Dumas de Demain, Books’ Journal, Poetic Diversity, Every Writer, Winamop and Aenaon to name but a few. She has work forthcoming this March in Basil o’ Flaherty. She was one of the winners in the International Competition of Epok.gr this January and her work won a distinction in the Poetry Contest of Unesco Club for the return of the Elgin Marbles to Greece. Her work is mentioned in the Winningwriters Magazine this February.




“Confidence tricksters”by Sofia Kioroglou

Vainglorious fanfaronade
a detestable compound of
vulgarity and rodomontade

Odiously Pecksniffian
aggressively monopolizing virtue
overbearing prats and their cortège

Appropriating power, grinding down legitimate holders
enacting laws, those timeserving opportunists
those holier-than-thou confidence tricksters



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Life ain’t been no crystal stair by Sofia Kioroglouimage

Enjoy what is in your glass
whether half full or half empty
just let it whirl around and
savor its body and color

Don’t just swig it but sip it slowly
allow its flavor to linger on your palate
Take what life throws at you
and if it is a lemon make some iced tea

If life ain’t been no crystal stair
embrace the tacks and splinters
today’s slings and arrows are
tomorrow’s fish-and-chip paper




I am so excited to have another poem featured on Outlaw Poetry! Thank you M.Klaus for providing a welcoming home for my little babies



Walking down my way to hell,
my sins start flashing through my mind.
My innards are burning,
apocatastasis or eternal condemnation?

Sin will always take you further
than you had planned to go,
costing more than you had intended to pay,
keeping you longer than you had wanted to stay!