A tribute to the looted maiden of Karyai stranded at the British Museum – “Bring her back” by Sofia Kioroglou

Bring her back- Sofia Kioroglou https://www.outlawpoetry.com/bring-her-back-by-sofia-kioroglou/ Six draped female figures Greet me on the porch of the Erechtheion Enchanting maiden dancers beckoning me With baskets of live reeds on their heads Waving their hands on the balcony Immaculately attired and coiffed The maidens of Karyai weep over their looted sister Stranded alone in the cold […]

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I fell in love with a frog by Sofia Kioroglou Posted on May 17, 2017 by Monsieur K. — No Comments ↓ https://www.outlawpoetry.com/i-fell-in-love-with-a-frog-by-sofia-kioroglo I fell in love with a frog, who was sitting alone on the banks of the Nile, mooning over the premature decease of his beautiful wife. He was sobbing his heart out, […]

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“Confidence tricksters”by Sofia Kioroglou Vainglorious fanfaronade a detestable compound of vulgarity and rodomontade Odiously Pecksniffian aggressively monopolizing virtue overbearing prats and their cortège Appropriating power, grinding down legitimate holders enacting laws, those timeserving opportunists those holier-than-thou confidence tricksters https://www.outlawpoetry.com/confidence-tricksters-by-sofia-kioroglou/

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I am so excited another poem is up and running on Outlaw Poetry Network! Thank you all for always swinging by and reading! https://www.outlawpoetry.com/life-aint-been-no-crystal-stair-by-sofia-kioroglou/ Life ain’t been no crystal stair by Sofia Kioroglou Enjoy what is in your glass whether half full or half empty just let it whirl around and savor its body and […]

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https://www.outlawpoetry.com/apocatastasis-by-sofia-kioroglou/   I am so excited to have another poem featured on Outlaw Poetry! Thank you M.Klaus for providing a welcoming home for my little babies   Walking down my way to hell, my sins start flashing through my mind. My innards are burning, apocatastasis or eternal condemnation? Sin will always take you further than […]

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No tertium quid by Sofia Kioroglou Posted on April 22, 2017 by Monsieur K. — https://www.outlawpoetry.com/no-tertium-quid-by-sofia-kioroglou/#respond No tertium quid In search of a morally univocal answer There is either right or wrong, No tertium quid, no equivocity Seek for the truth, and meet with scandals and horrors in multivocal clamor You do not need bombs […]

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