“Raitho” by Sofia Kioroglou

the Land of Fruits
the biblical Elim
a stopping place for travellers

*The pictures are courtesy of Mary, a fellow pilgrim on Mount Sinai, in Raitho and Pharan


“Ein Karem” by Sofia Kioroglou

ein karem pictureEin Karem
John’s birthplace
The city of Juda
7.5km south-west of Jerusalem

ein karem picture

Image courtesy of biblewalks.com/Sites/EinKarem

Today, Ein Kerem is a remarkable and picturesque village, with old Arabic style houses and lovely gardens. Many pilgrims visit the holy sites of Ein Kerem while staying in the vicinity of Jerusalem. Ein Karem means the spring of the vineyard and its Arabic name Ain Karim means “The spring of the dresser of the soil”


The Greek-Orthodox convent of St John the Baptist is located on the foothills of the western hill of Ein Kerem. It served the Greek-Orthodox community  in Ein Kerem. The ancient church (1894) was restored in 1975.


“Sinai”by Sofia Kioroglou


God-trodden Mount

of the Ten Commandments

The Holy Mountain of Moses


The photos were taken on Mt Sinai last December.

The poem is published in this Verse-Virtual February issue

along with “Jerusalem”.

 To read them visit http://www.verse-virtual.com/sofia-kioroglou-2016-february.html