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Hegumen Ignatius Raksha – Condensed Biography
 Sofia Kioroglou
A former member of the Catacomb Church and a close friend of St. John Maximovich, Fr. Ignatius was a vessel of God who had the gifts of tears and prophecy and was revered as a saint even by Muslims. He feared God alone, and therefore even the enemies of the faith, sensing his spiritual power, sought to kiss the hem of his garment as he walked the streets of Jerusalem. His example shows how ROCOR could have acted, relying on the power of faith alone. And even after Fr. Ignaty’s repose in 1986, there continued to be ROCOR clergy in Jerusalem who followed his example. Thus, a close friend of Fr. Ignaty’s, Archimandrite Nektary (Chernobyl), who had been a member of the Catacomb Church in Russia and died in 2000, said that “the Hegoumen of Hebron never communed with clergy of jurisdictions entering into the ecumenical World Council of Churches. He openly reproached representatives of the Moscow Patriarchate who had betrayed Holy Orthodoxy” (Vospominania, Jordanville, 2002, p. 9). He was indisputably an anti-sergianist catacombite father who lamented the parlous state of the Orthodox Church and openly refused to commune with them which goes to prove that the Holy Spirit visits upon those who battle for Evangelical truth and genuine freedom of conscience.
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