Article by His Eminence Fr. Euphrosyne the Sabbaite

Translated by Author and Journalist Sofia Kioroglou

“Our ruling Church is now completely occupied by Heresy, the only good shepherd and our only hope now is Christ, the Virgin Mary and the wishes of our Holy Fathers!”…

The memory of the Holy and God-fearing Three Hundred and Eighteen (318) Fathers of the First Ecumenical Council in Nicaea in 325 AD. is celebrated today, Sunday before Pentecost, by our holy Church.

These are the Saints who, as true successors of the Apostles, accurately guarded the commandments of the Lord, expelling through the sling of the Holy Spirit except the flock of Christ, all those heavy and infectious wolves of the then Heresy, the Martians who had begun to swallow with their blasphemies the holy body of Christ.

We honor them right after the divine Ascension, because our Fathers confessed the Lord ascended in the flesh, as a perfect God and a perfect man, equal and co-essential with the Father.

And they were most of those blessed men, still bearing the marks of martyrdom on their faces, after the fresh, harsh persecution of the first three centuries, which had just ended! Others with severed arms, with drawn eyes, with injured legs and faces! But all those Fathers, without exception, claimed after the death of a great miracle, the incorruptibility of their holy relics in their local provinces! We are reminded of only a few holy names from these fragrant flowers of Paradise, the golden mouths of the Word of God, the great Hierarchs, Confessors, Myrrh-bearers and Martyrs of Christ: Athanasios the Great, Saint Nikolaos, Saint Jacob of Nisibis, Saint Spyridon, Saint, Spyrido, Saint Paul of Neocaesarea, Saint Pafnoutios of Thebes, Saint Potamon of Heraklea, Saint Efstathios of Antioch, and Saint Leontios of Caesarea.

Blessed be the God of our Fathers!


But apart from their honorable holy memory, the feast of the Fathers sends a very strong message to our generation of the last apostasy.

It calls us to remain immaculate and pure in the Faith, but mainly in the practice of faith, to remain spotless from the impurity of the sects much worse than Arianism, which have completely taken over the Church of Christ, especially from the heretical of the now vaccinating Ecumenism, which has now desecrated all our sacred dogmas!

Unfortunately, this Beast is not enough, as before, for an institutional alteration of all dogmas, but for the first time in history, officially and cunningly, it acts psychosomatically and technologically to deactivate the Grace of Holy Baptism! How? By the antichrist and the immoral new vaccination of the faithful, which is clearly followed by a magnetic seal, that is, by a seal of Satan’s instruments, which unfortunately cannot be removed, nor will the usual formal repentance of lukewarm Christians, who are pierced by the devil! We live in pastoral problems unprecedented and difficult to solve, while we also have a complete lack of Orthodox Shepherds, to fight for Orthodoxy and to proclaim repentance for the massive denial of the Truth! Unfortunately, in fact, all the local Orthodox Churches serve and impose, through circulars, this antichrist, this pseudo-medical and unholy system! Even some bishops, who are somewhat opposed, do not prevent with strict sermons of repentance the vaccination of their sensible sheep !!! On the contrary, they help the revealing satanic frenzy, which has begun by divine concession the work of the final Antichrist, who of course will not personally seal anyone, since he alone will confirm, simply and gradually, his dominion over those already marked by the False Prophet with the number of Christians – products of his own companies!


We are called brethren, in fully apocalyptic days, or rather nights, to not only remain standing in the Faith and very often all alone, but to become practical and obvious witnesses, now confessing Christ without the help of earthly High Priests, sacrificially denying of new idols and completely separated from our spiritual society with the erring and omnipotent Church of our opposite state!

There is no other way of safe salvation now! Neither will the words, nor the letters, nor the inner Faith save us, when we communicate with the unbridled, unpunished and by God already excommunicated and unrepentant Heretical Ecumenists! There is no such thing as a shared Holy Grail. This is a delusion and a fairy tale, when the Heresy is writ large, rollin g out no longer in front of us, but inside us!

So we resist hierocanonically, humbly and courageously, with complete separation from the blasphemous clergy and shrines of idolatry, forever fighting and hoping for the emergence of new saintly fathers and good sphepherds of the Church.