The miracle of the Holy Fire – Short Excerpt from the new book “In the Footsteps of Jesus” by Sofia Kioroglou

After the publication of Mystical Experiences in the Holy Land  Ι & ΙΙ comes, by popular request, the new English Edition of “In the Footsteps of Jesus” by Sofia Kioroglou. A special thanks to all those who have supported me and especially to  Nancy Wagner (my editor), Mrs Sofia Kouna, The Monastery of Saint Irene in Crete, Vasiliki Rozi, Athina Kateri, Sophia Gerali, Vasiliki Vlachopoulou, Nektarios Papaspyrou and Paraskevi Piperi among others.

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Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για the holy fire


A ball of fire was weaving and out of the crowd

Nun Sofia Tsatsarounou from Athens saw her
candles ignite of their own volition outside the
Church of Resurrection since the Israeli Police
did not allow her and her friend to enter the
According to our investigation, it has been
possible to film some of the candles or oil lamps

igniting by themselves. A friend of mine, Panagi-
ota Aitaki, saw the candles of a nun sitting on the

balcony of the dome of the Church getting
ignited by a light blue flame. Present with me in

the Church this Easter of 2019 was Marios Dem-
osthenous from Cyprus. At a certain point, while

we all waited with bated breath, all lights were
turned off – it was time for the Patriarch to enter
the tomb and receive the Holy Fire. But before the
Patriarch had entered the tomb, a ball of fire was
weaving in and out of the crowd, only to come to

rest and suffuse them with a supernatural efful-
gence.The pilgrims all seemed to have been per-
meated with this light.It was amazing that a big

candle, held in the hand of the Russian nun, took
fire in front of all the people present before the

patriarch came out of the tomb. She was holding
the candle with shaking hands while making the
sign of the Cross over and over again in awe of
the miracle she had witnessed. But the Holy Fire
again appeared moving across the vaulted roof
of the Church and before the Patriarch came out
with the light, peals of thunder were rumbling

above the Holy Edicule!It was incredible…every-
body was shouting and I was crying like a baby.

-The most amazing and most transformational
moment in my life was when I attended the Holy
Light Ceremony in 2010. You may not believe it
until you see it. But when you do, your whole life

The ceremony, which awes the souls of Chris-
tians, takes place in the Church of Resurrection

in Jerusalem. The date of Pascha is determined
anew for every year. It must be a first Sunday
after the spring equinox and Jewish Passover.
Therefore, most of the time it differs from the
date of Catholic and Protestant Easter, which is
determined using different criteria. The Holy
Fire is the most renowned miracle in the world
of Eastern Orthodoxy. It has taken place at the
same time, in the same manner, in the same place

every single year for centuries. No other mira-
cle is known to occur so regularly and so stead-
ily over time. It happens in the Church of the

Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem, the holiest place
on earth, where Christ was crucified, entombed,
and where He finally rose from the dead.



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