“The Nazarene drove out the demons” – Εxcerpt from the book entitled “In the Footsteps of Jesus” by Sofia Kioroglou

ΙΟΠΠΗ - יָפָה - Yaffa

The Nazarene drove out the demons

Father Panteleimon,  has served the Holy Sepulchre for many years and has often witnessed miraculous events. At some point in his life, as he said, there was a girl who had been cast a  spell on. Her friends and relatives were trying to put her in the Holy Aediculae but the demons wouldn’t let her. They were pulling her out but in the end she managed to disentangle herself from their clutches and stepped in. When he entered the Holy Tomb, the evil spirit started to mumble with a voice so creepy and grotesquely frightening that could have run anybody’s blood cold.
“Why are you mumbling?”, father Panteleimon asked.“The Nazarene is here…” yelled the evil spirit “Where’s the Nazarene?” Father Panteleimon asked
“He sleeps on that slab,” he said.
Can you see him?” Father Panteleimon asked  again visibly moved with a voice choking him

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