Holy Land – The Journal of a Traveler | Author Sofia Kioroglou

This year has seen the publication of 2 books dedicated to the Holy Land and testimonies that bear witness to the Miracle of the Holy Light, namely  “MYSTICAL EXPERIENCES IN THE HOLY LAND – VOLUME 1 AND VOLUME 2” . Here’s the good tidings for 2020 : the English Edition will be available for those thirsting to learn about the miracles that are worked in the Holy Land and beyond. It took me a long time to complete it and write it in English but it is really worth it. The book will include testimonies from pilgrims but also from the monastic community. The book will be self-published  and will be distributed  by the bookshop “Vivliopolio” in Maroussi. Hope people embrace it!!!

Holy Land - The journal of a Pilgrim


The narration that follows corroborates the evidence that has come to light that the Holy Light is everywhere, moves of its own volition and does not come at a particular time. A friend of mine who was in Denmark, in 2019, shared an astonishing story that was crying out to be told. She and her husband found themselves at the Christian Orthodox Church of Alexander Nievski in Copenhagen to celebrate the Holy Pentecost. Both of them are Greeks who wanted to celebrate one of the most glorious days of our Orthodoxy. What they saw begs description. Throughout the Holy Liturgy, the Holy Light appeared in the form of a light saucer which was moving across the walls and dome. Simultaneously, there were flashes of light in the Holy Bema which started to become more frequent and stronger when the priest began saying the special prayers and everyone was kneeling down. The church was dark, illuminated by the dim lights of the candles flickering in the background and  the luminous sphere which was moving as if it were the light of a torch. But the Holy Light, according to another testimony from a lady in Alexandroupolis, Greece, appeared on the Holy Saturday and lit up the tombs of the saints that lie in Saint Onufrius’s monastery in Israel. What she told us was that the Female Superior of the monastery could not make it to the Holy Light Ceremony in the Holy Sepulchre and she was sad. But when she got out of her humble skete, she praised God for the gift he had sent her. The Holy Light had lit up the whole Monastery with a light so effulgent as the light of the sun.


Jerusalem icon of the Most Holy Mother of God began to stream myrrh in 1995. On the photo Fr. Nikolai with Fr. Aleksei (Biron) in 1996
Jerusalem icon of the Most Holy Mother of God began to stream myrrh in 1995. On the photo Fr. Nikolai with Fr. Aleksei (Biron) in 1996 – IN COPENHAGEN



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