Kenyan Father Methodius Ndungu thanks all good Samaritans from Greece, Romania and Australia and asks for support for the feeding program!

Kenyan Father Methodius Ndungu and all friends from Romania, Greece and Australia


The New chairs for the kids have arrived today!!!The good samaritan woman Christine Papageorgiou saw the project on Facebook and wanted to help. What a generous heart!
God is great!

Despoina has supported us with a new classroom blackboard panel.
Our new classroom, with new chairs,a panel, and a water tank!!!

And a big thanks to the main supporter, Stamatina Mantzourani, who gave the necessary sum to construct this classroom.

Let us not forget our dearest friend Ghe Aurel Blidariu who has also come forward with a condiderable amount to help the project move forward! God bless you, Father! We love you and of course Anna Pantermali, nun Pelagia, Vasiliki from Rio and so many others who prefer to remain anonymous!

What great friends we have!

On behalf of Father Methodius Ndungu from Limourou and all our friends and monastic community, thank you! Kudos to nun Pelagia who has always been in for the long haul! Thank you

Also, be aware that the feeding program needs your support. Over the last few months, offers to buy food and material have dwindled. We are counting on your support!We do not want the kids to suffer!

Should anyone wish to join in, please contact father Methodius Ndungu at :
Article : Sofia Kioroglou with the blessings of Presbyter Fr Methodius Ndungu from Holy Trinity Church, Kenya


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