Delighted to have my poetry included in this cracking collection. Now available on Amazon Thankyou Michael Lee Johnson and Ken Allan Dronsfield

Warriors with Wings: The Best in Contemporary Poetry is the 3rd poetry anthology done by Editor-in-Chief: Michael Lee Johnson and Co-Editor: Ken Allan Dronsfield. Poets, 41 in all, in this very selective anthology come from all parts of the world: United States, Canada, Greece, Poland, Australia, India, Republic of Ecuador, Albania, South Yorkshire England, South Africa, Ireland, Netherlands, Spain, Philippines, and Romania-15 different countries. It is a real mix of well-know and established contemporary poets, new faces and up and comers. This book of poetry includes many poets from members of my huge Facebook poetry group: Contemporary Poets, Their Works, Current Poetry Projects, News, Links and Sites. Online at: Get your copy today, why wait?
Notes: Sometimes it takes a month to show up in some countries. People from Indian can check or buy from United Kingdom. I’m aware shipping cost in countries is expensive. This book will be on Kindle middle of next week.




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