Guest author: Sofia Kioroglou – Three Poems

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Love will conquer all

Love me and I will love you back.
Crash me and I will adore you
You grind me down like no other
But I do not waver
Love will conquer all


We have heard it all before
boilerplate platitudes
of love between nations

Crosshatched with devious diplomacy
social solidarity, a contradiction in terms
facile, posturing states of mind

A profound rejection of self-interest
in the name of truth, purportedly not invited
into the fashionable salons of the elite

Always asserting a displacement,
the privileged confidants of secular kings
those hungry panthers prowling for their next prey!

Before she got cancer

It wasn’t like that before she got cancer
She was a constant pain in the neck
always grouching and splitting hairs.

She would give her husband and friends a hard time
never thankful for small mercies
always seeing the glass half empty

Now that her…

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