“POETRY FOR THE WINTER”… The poems in this compilation have moved me in different ways. Sometimes it is just a line, sometimes a flash of humor and others where the whole poem affects me deeply. Such a poem is written by Kenneth Maswabi, dealing with the terror inflicted upon the homeless during the Winter months. Another poem, “Mount Fuji,” by its precision conjures up a Japanese landscape and ends with it is an image full of charm:
“At the shrine, white papers flutter / In the wistful winter wind.”
In other poems humorous and fun aspects of Winter are covered in lines such as: “Winter is the season of the year that you sneeze and freeze” or “warm snowballs make friendly darts.”
Sometimes a poet poses an intelligent question (is winter) “a beginning or an end.. ” —and, in my view, the beauty of Winter is in both.
Winter can also be viewed as a waiting time and Glen Kappy captures this feeling succinctly in one of a series of short poems: “In the park, / Few people, dry grass. / Bare trees. All waits.”
There are many lines and images I like: “Families round the fireplace / cheer and huddle.” for instance. And there is a particularly fine poem about Athens in the snow. But, you know, dear reader, the best thing you can do is explore for yourself. Your taste is different and I can assure you: you will find many gems to your liking.
[T.B., UK]



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