Heartfelt thanks to Mark Antony Rossi for nominating my work for the Best of the Net Awards

Hip, hip, hooray! Who would expect this surprising piece of news early this morning! This is my second-time Nomination for the Best of the Net Awards, this time coming from Ariel Chart! Thank you all for your ongoing reading of my work and staunch support

Over a limerence by Sofia

Editor’s Anouncement

Ariel Chart is proud to announce eight writing nominations in two categories for THE BEST OF NET AWARDS.


Linda Imbler — The Value of Shadows
David Subacchi — To My Father
Karlo Sevilla — Xmas Doesn’t Arrive in Metro Manila
Sofia Kioroglou— Over a Limerence
Siddharth Sehgal- A Nation of Tribes
Peter Magliocco— Serrated Sleep


Alan Bennington — A Catchy Little Tune
Leia Johnson — The Room

The very best of luck to all nominated. We are grateful for your work and your continued vision in the arts.

Mark Antony Rossi
Editor in Chief
Ariel Chart


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