“The apple of discord”poem by Sofia Kioroglou

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image"The apple of discord" by Sofia Kioroglou

God created Adam and Eve

the fruit of the tree of knowledge

they were bidden not to eat

It is always an apple, the cause of discord,

the true Dead Sea apple or coaxing talking serpent 

that far famed fruit of the tree of Sodom

tempting to the eye, deceitful to the sense

*The poem is inspired by the life and death of Saint Christos the Gardener, a not so well-known saint. Biography of Saint Christos the Gardener Saint Christos was born in Albania. However, he lived in Constantinople, where he exercised the profession of gardening. One day while he was selling apples in the town market, a Turk came and wanted to buy all the apples in a humiliating price. Christos resisted and they came to a brawl. The Turk became angry and by wanting to take avenge, he went to…

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