A poem I love at CCPS

I am honored, once again to be featured at  Central Coast Poetry Shows. Thank you, Jim Russo!
Day 269 Poetry—Sofia Kioroglou

The Leaves Have Turned Yellow by Sofia Kioroglou

The leaves have turned yellow
the skies scowl at me
lobbing thunderclaps and lightning bolts
drenching me with torrential rain
The scowl deepens
as I enter Attica Tollway.
The heavens have opened fire
shooting bullets
on the metal roof of my old sedan.
Lightning flashes again.
The sky’s camera shutter speed
dazzles my windscreen wipers
blurring my vision
as I crash into the sturdy steel barriers
Sofia Kioroglou, Poet

2 responses to “A poem I love at CCPS”

  1. Congratulations, Sofia. Very nice.

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