“HERITAGE” the new NGO of the Holy Archdiocese of Sinai, Pharan and Raitho

ARTICLE BY Sofia Kioroglou

Today we returned from our very beautiful trip to the God-trodden Mount Sinai. For those who do not know of the Monastery of St. Catherine, it is a unique phenomenon of religious and cultural value and has officially been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, since the place it was built at is sacred to Christians, Muslims and Jews. Considered the oldest Christian monastery in the world with uninterrupted life of 18 centuries,it was built in the Byzantine emperor Justinian age at the exact point where the “burning bush” is and is dated between 527 AD and 565 AD. The library preserves the second largest collection of manuscripts and Codes of the early Christian period, while handicrafts and pictures that adorn the monastery are priceless.
The Monastery of the God-trodden Mount Sinai,where ordinary people, great leaders or hermits were dwellers,was built in the times of Justinian in the 6th century;the Holy Bible Site where great events of the Old Testament took place.More specifically, at the foot of Mount Horeb, on top of which the Prophet Moses received from God the 10 commandments and the Law. Within the walls of the monastery is the burning bush and Moses well.

Mount Sinai has been a Greek Orthodox Monastic Center of incessant spiritual life for 18 centuries as the ascetic life in the desert around Mount Horeb began in the 3rd century.The monastery is the oldest Christian monastery which operates to this day.

The historical importance of the Monastery is a meeting point of the faithful of the three great monotheistic religions (Christianity, Islam and Judaism), and the wider Sinai Heritage, confirmed by the final integration into the Unesco list as a World Heritage Site. Additionally, the Monastery houses outstanding collections of relics and images of Christianity. Also, the buildings and walls are of great importance for the study of Byzantine architecture and the surrounding area has numerous archaeological and religious monuments of world interest.
The spiritual radiation and the tradition of the Monastery have won worldwide respect thanks to the spirit of trust and sincere cooperation governing the relationship of the various authorities managing the area in the Sinai region
over the centuries.
It should be noted that the founder of Islam, Muhammad, the Arab cali, sultans Turks and major European leaders, such as Napoleon Bonaparte established the monastery under their protection, preserving the serious destruction and looting throughout its long history.

History has proven that it is also inextricably tied by mutual respect and mutual support relations with the members of the local community of Bedouin residents of Sinai.

The main purpose of the founding members of the NGO “LEGACY” is the promotion and dissemination at an international level of multilateral intellectual, cultural, artistic and charity work of the Holy Monastery of Saint Catherine of Sinai; and the development of actions for support and protection.

How we can all help in the task of protection and support of the Abbey

It is important to unite our efforts and help in the protection of the Monastery. We should be informed about the work of the Monastic Brotherhood of the Holy Monastery of Sinai and visit the God-trodden place. Let’s spread the word about the spiritual, cultural and charitable work of the monastery and let us collect commodities for its operating needs. Soon new information about our NGO’s activities will be released about which you will all be informed through our website. We hope to see you become helpers in the work of defending the monastery and see you in one of our upcoming events.


YOU CAN ALSO FIND MORE INFORMATION AT : http://www.sinaiheritage.com


10 thoughts on ““Ηeritage” the New NGO of the Holy Archdiocese of Sinai, Pharan and Raitho

    1. Thank you, my darling. Just come back and I am still so overwhelmed! Thank you for always reading and commenting. The Monastery of Saint Catherine should be protected. Hence, the creation of this NGO which I am a member of. I wish you a Happy Christmas and a Prosperous New Year!

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    1. It was cold yesterday but it didn’t snow. My husband managed to get to the Holy Summit. The ascent was gruelling but the experience was unbeatable.Unfortunately, I could not get to the top but I climbed to a beautiful skete where a wonderful monk resides. Thank you for reading this article and wish you a Happy Christmas full of blessings!

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  1. Hi Sofia Very interesting but I am an observer of life and always suspicious of history. But I wish you well as I do believe in good not evil! Thank you for liking “Car! and Machines!” With your kind comment on Machines. May I Wish You A Great New Year. Be Safe.#TheFoureyedPoet.

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