My poem ” Monster” up and runnning at Winamop

A Monster
by Sofia Kioroglou

In today’s world, creation means destruction

Unravelling time-honored values means fixing

bombing for the sake of peace charitable work

By strangling free speech, you create a monster

which you then call a Savior, a misnomer

for troubling your own house

Editor’s Note

14th November.

We have returned, I’ve been on holiday to the not-so-frozen north of Scotland and you’ve probably been doing something awfully exciting as well.

That all pales into insignificance now, because we’re here and ready to go with the November edition of good-old Winamop.

Off we go!


KJ Hannah Greenberg turns her hand to poetry for us this month. We start with Tomorrow’s Bleak, Worry-Woven Landscape then No More Notice and to finish we go Home, to Jerusalem.
read this!

Sofia Kioroglou brings us just one short but powerful poem this time. It’s called A Monster. You can decide who fits the description..
read this!

J.B. Pick’s little books of poetry were always a highlight at this time of year. He isn’t here to write them any more so here are a few poems from the 2007 edition called Evening Light.
read this!

Well that’s all we have for you this time. I hope you’ll come back and find Winamop bursting with goodness in our Christmas edition.

For that to happen we need our contributors to get festive, but not too festive to write! Send us a contribution by using the email button at the bottom of the page.

Bye for now.



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