Saint Ilya Fondaminsky by Sofia Kioroglou at :

[Poetry] Saint Ilya Fondaminsky by Sofia Kioroglou

You wished to live with the Christians and die with the Jews
It is out of dough like this that saints are made
You had the possibility to escape from the Nazis
But shared the fate of those who had no such opportunity
Sent to Auschwitz, you shuffled off your mortal coil
In a concentration camp on the 19th of November 1942
You carried your cross, abnegating the warmth of your earthly home
Plunging into the limitless expanse of eternity

(c) Sofia Kioroglou


Brief bio:
Sofia Kioroglou is a missionary, a pilgrim and a wife who happens to write poetry and flash fiction as a form of catharsis. She would be a cave recluse in Sinai had she not met her husband in Jerusalem four years ago. She is a twice award-winning writer and a 2017 Best of the Net Award nominee. Her poetry and flash fiction have played on the radio and are included in many anthologies, podcasts and a number of literary journals and printed books. She is a freelance editor, translator and copywriter.

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