PPP Ezine Vol 1, Issue 2, July 2017

Read my poem “THOU SHALT NOT BOW” in the July issue of PPP EZINE along with the works of other reputable poets who I admire! Have a most enjoyable read!



PPP Ezine

The beginning lays foundation and sets the tone. So, our beginning did the same for us. We published the first issue of PPP Ezine on time and sent the call for the second issue. The response was warm and poets from the ‘four corners of the world’ sent their poems to our Ezine. They also sent their wishes for its success, and their expectations form it in future. That future is not here, in front of us today, but we will travel together to it. To make the journey pleasant, we have poetry with us. In this issue we will meet sixteen poets and their poems.

Morning tai chi by Joanne Olivieri
Growth by Mike Griffith
Thou Shalt not Bow by Sofia Kioroglou
Lost and Found by Ann Christine Tabaka
Advaitic Terra Firma by James Dennis Casey IV
Prometheus Should Have Doubled Down for More by Scott Thomas Outlar

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