What I Call Poetry

Special gratitude to a most congenial editor for publishing my poem ” What I call poetry”!

22 thoughts on “What I Call Poetry

  1. The image of your pen scribbling all over the page is just beautiful. You write quite well! Congratulations!

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  2. Here’s the reason:
    It matches the beginning of one of my poems so much, that I need to show it for you to believe:

    A poet I’m not, not always, not every day.
    Reluctant and rare my poems come to me,
    At times, not even welcome, to me.
    One knock I hear, faint yet clear.
    I have no mind nor time for it.
    I’m a busy professional in a busy city, you see.
    How can I be at ease, stand still, serene, calm,
    And think? Mine is the lane, mine is the race,
    And now is the time: get set go.
    Carpe diem, gather your stocks, the sun is shining.

    So, I was thinking of those lines when I reblogged!

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