Deep thanks to Carl Sharpe, the editor of VerseWrights for featuring my work on this amazing literary platform! Get a peek into the work of some of the most talented poets worldwide!


We have heard it all before
boilerplate platitudes
of love between nations

Crosshatched with devious diplomacy
Social Solidarity a contradiction in terms
facile, posturing states of mind

A profound rejection of self-interest
in the name of truth, purportedly not invited
into the fashionable salons of the elite

Always asserting a displacement,
the privileged confidants of secular kings
those hungry panthers prowling for their next prey!


Where Do I Belong?
​The future coming closer and closer
The already gone, swivelling repetitions
a dystopian reality, my mind falling from itself
into nowhere, into a black hole, into abyss

Hope, a sempiternal illusion
hot metal melting into nothingness
veritable census of the dead
where do I belong?

Existence slipping between parallel universes
a hundred shades of gray and snowflake obsidian
my desire for place always denied
between now and forever, I rappel down into oblivion
Walking down my way to hell,
my sins start flashing through my mind.
My innards are burning,
apocatastasis or eternal condemnation?

Sin will always take you further
than you had planned to go,
costing more than you had intended to pay,
keeping you longer than you had wanted to stay.


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