My gratitude to Editor of Labyrinthine Passages for publishing my poem “Ten Lepers”

Labyrinthine Passages is founded by Alex Rafael Encomienda. Alex is an author of fiction and poetry who expresses the concepts of love, faith, escapism and peace in his work. He was featured in The Opiate, Kaaterskill Basin and Claudius Speaks amongst other journals and anthologies.

Valerie Devanson, Janice Hausser and Adrian Encomienda are the editors of Labyrinthine Passages. They live, eat and breathe literature!

Labyrinthine Passages houses the soulful, restless and sensitive. The emotional yet steadfast and the powerful ones that are not lost in the labyrinth. The ones who take that dangerous path in hopes of finding something meaningful. The hopeful, yearning ones and all that speak of the way.

We must find ourselves in this labyrinth and come to terms with the understanding that we may never know what our minds are capable of unless we open it up and explore it.

The Ten Lepers at Labyrinthine Passages

Labyrinthine Poetry

The Ten Lepers by Sofia Kioroglou
​April 25, 2017


Being a leper all my life
I search for some truth
I seek to be cleansed
Spiritual, not a word
in my vocabulary
Never heard of the notion actually
Leprosy does not allow time for soul-searching
A social pariah, a scourge, a despicable bane
I crave to forsake
My skin flaking off in scales
like that Serpent that led us
astray from our path
When Jesus came along
I was sick but now I am cleansed
I was forlorn but now I am hopeful
I wonder what has become of my mates?
Human ingratitude more
sinister than Satan’s rage.

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  1. Loved this poem, Sofia. And, curious coincidence, a few days ago I saw a video installation about a leper hospital in Iran at the EMST for Documenta 14. Quite unbearable, I only watched a tiny bit…


    1. Thanks,Marina!I just love the parable of the Ten Lepers and thought I should try my hand at writing something encapsulating my strong feelings.I am glad it resonated. I never forget your zest for life and kindness!Take care!

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