Mary from Magdala -Poem by Sofia Kioroglou

It is this time of year again… Happy Easter everyone! May God bless you and your families. The blog will remain in a state of hiatus for a few days as I will be in Jerusalem for the Easter Holiday! Thank you all for reading and supporting this blog!



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On the Western side of the Sea of Galilee
between Tiberias and Capernaum
the apostle of the apostles was born.

O holy myrrh-bearer, Mary from Magdala
the red egg in your hand Tiberius Caesar’s debacle
would be of “Speak now or Forever rest in Peace”

* The poem is based on the Paschal eggs’ tradition. During a dinner with the emperor Tiberius Caesar, Mary Magdalene was speaking about Christ’s Resurrection. Caesar scoffed at her, saying that a man could rise from the dead no more than the egg in her hand could turn red. Immediately, the egg turned red. Because of this, icons of Mary Magdalene sometimes depict her holding a red egg. Also, this is believed to be an explanation for dyeing eggs red at Pascha.

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