[Poetry] Apocatastasis


Sofia Kioroglou

Athens, Greece

Walking down my way to hell,
my sins start flashing through my mind.
My innards are burning,
apocatastasis or eternal condemnation?
Sin will always take you further
than you had planned to go,
costing more than you had intended to pay,
keeping you longer than you had wanted to stay!

About the POET
Sofia Kioroglou is a Greek poet, writer and perennial traveller to the Holy Land and Egypt. She was a featured poet of the week at Poetry Super Highway (April 3-9, 2017)Her recent entry to the Festival for Poetry was singled out at the Best of February 2017. Her poems can be found online and in print in Lunaris Review, In Between Hangovers, Galleon Literary Journal, Pengician, Galway Review, Verse-Virtual, Dumas de Demain, Books’ Journal, Poetic Diversity, Every Writer, Winamop, Communicators League, Outlaw Poetry, Aenaon, Basil o’ Flaherty and Aiolika Grammata. She was one of the winners in the International Competition of this January and her work won a distinction in the Poetry Contest of Unesco Club for the return of the Elgin Marbles to Greece. Her work received a special mention in Winningwriters Magazine this February.IMG_3731

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