The Holy Fire

A couple of weeks to go before flying to Israel for the Holy Fire Ceremony! I will remember you all and especially, Derrick. Lifecameos, Vincent, Richard Rasberry, Lulu, Marina Kappa, Melia, Alexia and so many others! This poem is dedicated to all of you fellow bloggers who support me, make me stonger and encourage me to keep on writing. Thank you all

Authoring paths

Miracles always happen
I have lived a miracle
I have seen the Holy Fire
At noon, on Holy Saturday
descending like a sword,
swirling like a smoky coil
before lighting the candle
of the girl next to me.

Miracles always happen
Some minds deny the truth
Others cling to concreteness
But Jesus is always there
it is a mere cowardice
to seek safety in negations
“Logic is like the sword–
those who appeal to it shall perish by it.”

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