WiFi connection

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Women are like flowers
like the Rose of Sharon
they look tender but have claws
like bougainvillea with tentacles

Women are like ballerinas
swirling around like in
satin-lined jewelry boxes
doing the splits, even touching their toes

Women are seductive and intoxicating
skyscraper tapering heels and opaque tights
hazel eyes that sparkle, poppy lips that sizzle
their name is WiFi and all men desire a connection


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      1. Dear Ndaba, thank you so much! I have made a friend’s request through giorgos friend’s art. Why don’t you consider sending poetry to It is a Nigerian magazine which I absolutely love. They would love your words! Also, try sending some poems to Outlaw Poetry. Looking forward to reading your verse! All the best,


    1. Aw, I am so glad you liked it! It is a smart and witty play with words. I am so glad it resonated. Thanks for reading and commenting! Hugs and Kisses from beautiful Mediterranean Greece!


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