Sofia Kioroglou’s poem ‘Beijing’ in Galleon V

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  • Galleon is a literary journal from Atlantic Canada featuring the work of both established and new authors. Issue V has fiction from Andre Narbonne, Jann Everard, Colin Thornton, Sara Malton, HC Browne, Whitney Moran, Jamie Gibbs, Roger Moore and Kayla Geitzler, poetry from Bonnie Macleod, Marc Swan, Jane Tims, Andrew Vaisius, Virginia Boudreau, Allan Cooper, Sofia Kioroglou, Darren Ivany, Anne Levesque and Lauro Palomba. Also in the issue are book reviews by Ian Colford, Ed Lemond, Jeff Bursey and Kayla Geitzler.
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    Beijing”by Sofia Kioroglou

    I love Beijing
    I love the hútòng,
    those ancient alleyways
    the awe-inspiring Great Wall.

    I can see it snake its way across the hills
    made of stone, brick, tamped earth and wood
    stretching from Dandong to Lop Lake
    The Great Wall of China, my Wanli Changcheng


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