“The looking glass self” & “Can I tell your dog a secret” published in Winamop


by Sofia Kioroglou

The looking-glass self

Your stabs hit me exactly where you hope they would
with such ferocity that gouges out all vanity and conceit.
A knife thrust through the illusions of my bloated ego,
An ugly distortion of an inner image through a plastic glass
which finally crumpled with me looking at the looking-glass self.

Can I tell your dog a secret?

“Can I tell your dog a secret?” Stephanie asked.
“I didn’t know you were a dog whisperer” I answered quizzically.
A barrage of thoughts racing through my mind like it is a finish line.
How come we know nothing about the people we think we know the most?
Time to take a cigarette and put it in my mouth and let it burn my lungs…

I love Winamop and this is no secret. Our Editor Dave is literally speaking, the most unassuming, warmest and most encouraging person I have so far encountered. He has made Winamop feel like home for all of us poets, writers and artists. I always love his review of my work and his constructive feedback. I am reall…

Πηγή: “The looking glass self” & “Can I tell your dog a secret” now published in Winamop


11 thoughts on ““The looking glass self” & “Can I tell your dog a secret” published in Winamop

  1. Nice to find such a warm home for your babies. One you know where they and you are appreciated. Congratulations, Sofia.

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    1. I am humbled and honored every time a fellow poet comments on my work.Thank you so much for your feedback and you are right in that it is a wonderful thing to have found a place where my babies are appreciated. A special thank you is in order for you as you consistently read my work and encourage me! Blessings to you from cold Greece!


      1. We all have limited amounts of time outside the time me must take to write. Reading is next on my list after writing and I prefer to read books. Blogs are an investment in connections for me. I like to read poetry such as yours that nourishes my writing, and I place a high value on reciprocity.
        Whether or not someone likes my work or not is less important than that they at least consider it.
        But I do LOVE the sense of community among Poets here on WP. My International tribe of creative souls. Thanks for being one of us, Sofia.


      2. True and it is really amazing how supportive all poets on WP are of each other’s work. I have gotten tremendous help and encouragement from all of you and this is something that must be acknowledged. I am so lucky to have found you along with other really amazing souls and who have nourished my work and writing. Thank you, Michael and be blessed! 😎

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