“Sinai”by Sofia Kioroglou in Verse-Virtual

Two bedouin boys are standing by the road, selling coloured eggs turned from alabaster to the tourists.

The photos are courtesy of Father Justician from Saint Catherine’s Monastery

Getting Ready for the Feast of Saint Catherine
The menologion icons have been temporarily removed from each column, the capitals have been cleaned, and the brass and silver are being polished in preparation for the feast of Saint Catherine.


God-trodden Mount

of the Ten Commandments

The Holy Mountain of Moses


*The poem is published in the Verse-Virtual February issue along with “Jerusalem”.

To read them, visit http://www.verse-virtual.com/sofia-kioroglou-2016-february.html

Πηγή: “Sinai”by Sofia Kioroglou


The Reliquary Shrine of Saint Catherine
The marble shrine over the relics of Saint Catherine is decorated for the feast, and all the lamps are lit. The shrine dates from the early eighteenth century, but incorporates a panel with two harts that was part of the original sixth century templon.




4 thoughts on ““Sinai”by Sofia Kioroglou in Verse-Virtual

  1. Reblogged this on Sofia Kioroglou and commented:

    A special tribute to Sinai as the Feast of Saint Catherine is drawing near! The blog will be in a state of hiatus for a week as I will be travelling to Sinai in view of the celebration for Saint Catherine’s feast. Warm hugs from Athens to all of you!


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