Rachel weeping for her children

Rachel weeping for her children

I am so excited that this so -dear-to-me poem got published by one of my absolute favorite literary magazines. I am honored and humbled. Thank you!

The Blue Nib

By Sofia Kioroglou

I remember laughter rippling around the streets

amber of eyes aglow, brimming with hope
children cutting a caper impishly in Aleppo
dad squinting at my fiddling around with his computer
Today, our shoulders are hunched with fear
kids no longer splashing in puddles
knee-deep in rubble and smeared with blood
hollering out war cries, looking for relatives
Some crucified, others  beheaded
no hearse waiting to deliver our people to burial places
Rachel weeping for her children
rising out like a phoenix, splintering husks of shells around
Walking through the cemetary while a couple
are muttering into their swirling Chardonnay
two words collide, two paths diverge
the road to hell is paved with good intentions

About the writer

SofiaSofia Kioroglou is a two-time award-winning poet, author of two poetry books, flash fiction writer of ” Cubicle Coma” to be published by Books’ Journal & Planodion and prolific blogger…

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