September Q&A – the poet

I am delighted to have received an interview invite from Marina Marinopoulos. Her kindness and warmth have endeared her to me beyond measure. Her own attractive and informative blog can be found via this link.

Letters from Athens

As you will see below, Sofia Kioroglou is not just a (twice award-winning) poet. However, since I love her poetry, I thought I would focus upon that facet of her multi-talented personality. She writes in several languages and, of all my subjects, she was the only one to submit her answers, perfectly written, within hours of receiving the questions. That is why, for the first time, the monthly interview is posted on the first day of the month!

Sofia is also a prolific blogger. You can visit her site here.

Tell us a little about yourself.

I am a writer, translator, lexicographer and painter born and bred in Athens, Greece. I am an avid reader and iconographer of saints and believe in human kindness and sacrifice. I would be a cave recluse in Raitho or Sinai had I not met my husband Peter in Jerusalem at the Holy Light…

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    1. I have been to Jerusalem 15 times so far and I feel like I am part of the furniture there. The life of the monks and hermits in the Holy Land have transformed my life and have made me see life on a different plane. The whole place is holy, reverberating the life, teachings, whips and crucifixion of Jesus in the Calvary. He is everywhere. Sinai is also very close to my heart. The Bedouin, the Monastery of St Catherine and the desert remain etched on my heart and mind. Every time I get back, I feel like a part of me has been left behind. Thank you for following me and for always reading my work. Take care!!!🌹🌹🌹

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