It is always a pleasure to participate in SBP series. This Beach and Pool Poetry and Prose series, in particular, is a hot favorite!Silver Birch Press is a unique literary community with many diverse poetic voices and an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Thank you all for your camaraderie and encouragement!

Silver Birch Press


A big thank you to the 129 writers — from 26 states and 17 countries — who participated in our  BEACH & POOL MEMORIES Poetry & Prose Series, which ran from June  26 – August 8, 2016. Many thanks to the following authors for a tide of summer refreshment and reflection.

Elizabeth Alford (California)
Scott Edward Anderson (New York)
Shawn Aveningo (Oregon)
Barbara Bald (New Hampshire)
Pru Bankes Prrice (England)
Ruth Bavetta (California)
Roberta Beary (Maryland)
Norman Belanger (Massachusetts)
Caroline Bock (Maryland)
Katley Demetria Brown (Massachusetts)
Jacalyn Carley (Germany)
Susana H. Case (New York)
Sylvia Cavanaugh (Wisconsin)
Jackie Chou (California)
Tricia Marcella Cimera (Illinois)
Wanda Morrow Clevenger (Illinois)
Joan Colby (Illinois)
Clive Collins (Japan)
Shay Cook (Florida)
Beth Copeland (North Carolina)
Neil Creighton (Australia)
Isobel Cunningham (Canada)
Mike Dailey (North Carolina)
Howard Debs (Florida)
Diana Decker (New York)
Rita Fidler Dorn (Florida)
Marike du Toit (South Africa)
Kristina England…

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