Sofia ‘s poetry in Winamop


Sofia’s poetry in Winamop


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Added July 2016

Richard Schnap Suspended animation

KJ Hannah Greenberg The Five to Eight Parent

Sofia Kioroglou Three gems from Greece.

Perry L. Powell The Mixture as Before!
Added June 2016

Martin H Levinson feeling cold.

HR Creel Old but new.

Sofia Kioroglou Trouble with balance

Nate Maye Introducing.
Added May 2016

Ken Allan Dronsfield Another five poems.

Sofia Kioroglou Introducing.

Perry L Powell Another new one.

j. lewis And another!



WINAMOP has continued unabashed since 2003.

All human life is here, experienced people, skilled writers and rank amateurs, sometimes they hit the mark, sometimes they belly-flop (sometimes they mix their metaphors). You pick up the pieces and make of them what you will. Find out about us here and about the site here.The contributor’s guidelines are here and the e-mail button is below.

We hope to continue to maintain a showcase for new writing which will grow as you, dear readers, augment the efforts of the in-house team. We have over 400 unique pages so far but, quite frankly, we need more…

Have a good look around and if you feel that you’d like to contribute in any genre, then don’t be shy, send it in! The copyright remains yours, and you could win a mop (unlikely, as I’ve run out).


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