“Like the measles” in Winamop’s July edition


weeds by post!

Like the measles

Love happens only once.
Just like the measles
You take it only once
Your heart is a firework
flashing heavenwards
no second time in your lifetime.
Meteor-like, it blazes for a moment
but bang goes the illusion
“Love conquers all”
Not always
A hoax perhaps
An indulgent delusion definitely


    1. I am so glad you like it. At first, I was loath to send in this poem for comsideration because it is tinged with humor and irony at the same time. But I said go for it and it paid off. Thank you for stopping by and always reading my work. It is much appreciated!

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      1. My pleasure. Funny how things are perceived, I post things that I hate and my followers adore. Then, I post things I swear is sheer brilliance and the response is not very good. Always take the risk and go for it. Be well.

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