Sofia’s “Flying by the seat of my pants” & “Whoever said perseverance is failing 19 times?” in Winamop’s June issue

It is always a pleasure to see my work published in Winamop. There are many reasons why I feel chuffed like my Editor, Dave. Firstly, Winamop is a superb publication featuring awesome work. Secondly, I am enshrouded by the infinite kindness and warmth of Winamop’s community. Thank you Winamop for your support!

weeds by post!

weeds by post!

Editor’s Note:

June 6th

Well I am chuffed! (“pleased, happy,” c.1860, British dialect, from obsolete chuff “swollen with fat”).
Yes, well I am slightly over weight but let’s concentrate on the happy part.

Why? Because this month’s edition of Winamop is absolutely bursting with good stories and poetry!

I hope you enjoy it.

Editor’s note about Sofia’s poems:

Now it’s good to be able to welcome Sofia Kioroglou back to Winamop. Here she brings us one poem Flying by the seat of my pants. That’s life I guess..

Sofia’s Poetry in Winamop’s June Issue


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