Thank you so much, Melanie, for the wonderful presentation of my poem. Love SBP and all the poems featured here. I always love to see how other poets look at the same subject and the SBP series are always so diverse and inspiring. I am so excited!!!

Silver Birch Press

Happy little girl listening the music from music box with ballerina isolated on whiteSwirling around like in a satin-lined jewelry box
by Sofia Kioroglou

My dad’s unwilting enthusiasm
does little to reduce my anxiety
actually quite augments it
as I try not to hit the pavement

I am only 7 but feel very responsible
not only for the things I do,
like cutting the roses from the garden
and having my mum get mad

but also for the things I cannot do
like grabbing the handlebars assuredly
and keeping the bike under me
trying to perform some kind of conjuring act

Lowering the seat does help, feet now firmly on the ground
with loose elbows and a light grip on the handlebars
I close my eyes and, lo and behold, now I am a ballerina
swirling around like in a satin-lined jewelry box

My reverie is soon interrupted by my dad’s gentle voice
I tell him I did the splits, even touched my…

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