“He that is greedy”in the Poetry against Inequality Anthology

 Φωτογραφία: My Poem "He that is greedy" now in the Poets against Inequality Anthology
The Poems
Sayeed Abubakar, 'I Dream A World'
Alexandro Acevedo Johns, 'The Tree of Inequality'
Elias Aghili, 'Kingdoms Fall'
Kareem Akadri, 'The Giant Tree of Inequality'
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Denis Andrei, 'Alienated of will'
Tia Attwood, 'How greed consumes the leaders of this land'
Kasiviswanathan Balakrishnan, 'To Those Who Govern'
Anna Banasiak, 'The richness of the soul'
Khaoula Basty, 'A Poor Engineer'
Lawrence Beck, 'Circles of Hell'
Abhilasha Bhatt, 'Rich dad, Poor dad'
Mayjorey Buendia, 'Inequality / In Equality'
Sophy Chen, 'Men and Women are not Equal'
Sahra Hussein Dahir, 'The lost opportunity'
Anish Debnath, 'Irrational Differentiation'
Luka Dezmalj, 'Even if a cynic'
Asavri Dhillon, 'Spear in Chest'
Fabrizio Frosini, 'Wax and Wane'
Alem Hailu G/Kristos, 'Inequalities of all shades'
Majid Gaggi, 'Were not we all born equal?'
Dimitrios Galanis, 'Throngs groaning'
Negar Gorji, '[Wo]/Man'
Birgitta Abimbola Heikka, 'Inequality.. a body atrophied'
Galina Italyanskaya, 'Not enough'
Afrooz Jafarinoor, 'To a rich Singer'
Farzad Jahanbani, 'North; Center; South'
Sergio Jaime, 'We exist'
Seema Jayaraman, 'Inequality – In You The Rich Thrive, Soul Denied'
Srijana KC Neupane, 'Ingrained Inequality'
Phumla Xuza Khanyile, 'Born to die'
Sofia Kioroglou, 'He that is greedy..'
Varghese Kuncheria, 'There is a Sore Evil'
Kelly Kurt, 'Egalitarianism'
Agatha-Eliza Laposi, 'The Collector'
Natchai Leenders, 'The Answer is 62'
Edward Kofi Louis, 'Creation'
Tapera Makadho, 'Border of Inequality'
Kenneth Maswabi, 'Mankind’s worst nightmare'
Wilfred Mellers, 'Unequally We Stand'
Aphrodite-Anastasia Menegaki, 'For the world’s one percent..'
Mallika Menon, 'Weeds of Inequality'
Leloudia Migdali, 'A Dream in Disgrace'
Asoke Kumar Mitra, 'Inequality.. in some minds..'
Istvan Dan Uriel Molnar, 'Small Cute Shoes'
Souren Mondal, 'Useless Bastards'
Anitah Muwanguzi, 'Treasure Hunter'
Bharati Nayak, 'What A Shame!'
Mohammed Asim Nehal, 'Barbie Doll'
Stephen Pennell, 'Sixty Two People'
Sarah Louise Persson, 'Inequality is Living'


Anthology of Poetry
Poems by:
Fabrizio Frosini, Pamela Sinicrope, Galina Italyanskaya, Kelly Kurt, Souren Mondal, Srijana KC Neupane, Udaya Tennakoon, Negar Gorji, Tapera Makadho, Ellias Aghili, Sayeed Abubakar, Alexandro Acevedo Johns, Kareem Akadri, Saadat Tahir Ali, Denis Andrei, Tia Attwood, Kasiviswanathan Balakrishnan, Anna Banasiak, Khaoula Basty, Lawrence Beck, Abhilasha Bhatt, Mayjorey Buendia, Sophy Chen, Sahra Hussein Dahir, Anish Debnath, Luka Dezmalj, Asavri Dhillon, Alem Hailu G/Kristos, Majid Gaggi, Dimitrios Galanis, Birgitta Abimbola Heikka, Afrooz Jafarinoor, Farzad Jahanbani, Sergio Jaime, Seema Jayaraman, Phumla Xuza Khanyile, Sofia Kioroglou, Varghese Kuncheria, Agatha-Eliza Laposi, Natchai Leenders, Edward Kofi Louis, Kenneth Maswabi, Wilfred Mellers, Aphrodite-Anastasia Menegaki, Mallika Menon, Leloudia Migdali, Asoke Kumar Mitra, Istvan Dan Uriel Molnar, Anitah Muwanguzi, Bharati Nayak, Mohammed Asim Nehal, Stephen Pennell, Sarah Louise Persson, Dominic Prempeh, Marianne Larsen Reninger, Govinda Rimal, Jan Ross, Sarah Russell, Leila Samarrai, Kirti Sharma, Anzelyne Shideshe, Osiel Silverino da Silva, Petra Soliman, James Freel Stevenson, Douglas R. Stewart, Savita Tyagi, Jorge Valles Anguiano, Hans Van Rostenberghe, Mai Venn, Michael Walker, Aaron Njoroge Wambu, Niken Kusuma Wardani, Mithilesh Kumar Yadav

Sofia Kioroglou, Greece

He that is greedy..

Woe to those who get evil gain for their house
and put their nest on high.
You greedy narcissists, who will
deliver you from the hand of calamity?

Woe to those who have looted
for they will be looted.
He that is greedy troubles his own house
Didn’t you know that pride comes before a fall?

Woe to those who are like wolves,
tearing their prey and building their palaces by injustice
Though they build their nest as high as the eagle’s,
from there, their cupidity will bring them down.


15 responses to ““He that is greedy”in the Poetry against Inequality Anthology”

    1. Thank you so much, Tosha!

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      1. You’re welcome, lovely one

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  1. La revue de Claire Avatar
    La revue de Claire


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    1. Thank you so much! I am so glad you like it!

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      1. La revue de Claire Avatar
        La revue de Claire

        It’s a pleasure

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  2. Great poem; sadly, this describes many people in the world today.

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    1. Thank you so much! I am so glad you like this poem. It certainly portrays the avarice of quite a lot of us. Have a blessed weekend ahead!

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  3. Congratulations. Telling poem

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    1. Thank you so much, Derrick. Have a blessed day!

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  4. […] “He that is greedy”in the Poetry against Inequality Anthology […]

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  5. You rock girl!!
    ❤ to you!

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    1. Thank you so much Dajena. There is a new project going on on refugees. Would you be interested in participating? I am sending you a link where you can request participation from the coordinator of the group. https://groups.google.com/forum/#%21forum/poetry-for-refugees

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      1. You are welcome Sofia! I will check it out. 🙂


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